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Hello everyone......

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Just posting to say hello, since I've been away for a while. I've had time to pop in and read from time to time, but not post, so I was in a bit of withdrawal as I'm sure you guys can understand. Anyway, been away because my boyfriend was sick all last week and is just getting back to normall (he had a severe allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital at one point), so I was spending my time taking care of him and sleeping when I could. Also, I started a new job yesterday, so even though he's feeling better, I'm still busy.
How are all of you doing? I've been trying to read as many threads and I can, but I guess I've gotten pretty behind, so feel free to give me an update on anything new and exciting in your lives (or I'll just read it when I finally get around to going through all the stuff I've missed in the last couple weeks). I hope everything is going well for everyone.
Anyway, guess that's all for now (gotta go get the laundry and be at work for 3). Later, gators!
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Hi! I'm new but just wanted to give you a wave! Impressed that you've looked after your man so well, hope he appreciates it and takes you out for a nice meal when he's feeling better
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Yay! good to see you around here Dear Leli
so sorry about the sickness... but hope you can stay more time here!
Welcome back!
See you on the forums!
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Nice to hear from you. Everything is good at my end.
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