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Dr. Bach's

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I got some Dr. Bach's and was told that it takes about 4-5 hrs to begin to work -
What is the general opinion here?

I want to use it to help in trapping Goldie - but if it takes as long as I have heard from the Vet, it might not be the right thing.

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We've seen the effects of it in about 30 minutes.... I think the longest it ever took was about 45..

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I hope the Bach's works for you, I know how much you want to trap Goldie, and how hard its been for you.
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I also hope this works for you - I am crossing my fingers - nevermind I'll just turn into a prezel.

Unfortunatley it dosen't seem to have any effect on my Loki and I also have tried other versions of Bachs but alas nothing hmmmmmmmmmm.

Again good luck!!!!!
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Dr bachs is a liquid you can buy for people and animals to help calm the nerves a little bit. It is flower essence and alchohol.
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