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Desparate for Pee-Problem Solution

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I have 2 male neutered cats (between ages of 2-3) that will only use the litter box for pooping. However, they insist on peeing directly in front of the litter box opening. The vet says they are completely healthy. At first we thought it was only the more dominant male cat that was doing the peeing. However, once we started confining him to a training cage, we realized the other male was also doing the peeing.

The dominant male we found outside of our apartments about 2 years ago. He is a beautiful black/white cat, declawed and neutered - we couldn't figure out why someone would put so much money into a pet and then dump him. After discovering the dominant male's pee problem, we figured that he had probably belonged to another family that dumped him outside when he wouldn't use the litter box. Before we took him in, the less dominant male was great with using the litter box. Now it seems the dominant male has taught the less dominant male to pee outside the litterbox opening.

I am afraid to try the solutions listed by the other responses (double-sided tape, aluminum foil, etc.) because I'm afraid it will deter the 2 cats from using the litter boxes all together - after all, they are peeing/pooping in the general location of the litter box opening.

We have tried adding multiple litter boxes, moving the litter boxes to different areas, different litter, simply cleaning and covering the spot. However, if we cover the spot where they pee with plastic, they simply move to the edge of the plastic and pee on the carpet again. Those 2 have basically completely stained/ruined the carpet where they are peeing.

Need help - at wits end!!!
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Have you cleaned the spots where they peed with a cat urine enzyme cleaner (such as "Nature's Miracle")? Ordinary household cleaner isn't enough. Also, the urine soaks down through the carpet into the pad, so you need a product that also soaks down and breaks down the urine in both carpet and pad. Otherwise the scent remains and the cat thinks it's OK to go there. Too bad it's gone on this long. You might need to get a black light to look for all the spots that have been peed on, and have long since dried up. Sorry, this is a tough one. You may have no choice but to replace carpet & pad.
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In the meantime--I know that Hissy recommend puppy training pads for similar problems. Try putting them on top of the area where your guys are peeing--it will at least be easier to clean up.

Good luck.
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I am no expert for sure. I was wondering if you had put your extra litter boxes directly in front of the other ones where they were peeing? Maybe too if you could put some litter that they had peed on and put it in the boxes maybe that would attract them to go in them.

I did that with a cat I had years ago and it seemed to work. Anyway I sure hope you find a solution.
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