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A silly question... lol.

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So I applied to my first choice university and I got in!
However, I really need to take a year off and work before I go, so I'm hoping to defer my acceptance.
I got an email from the university saying that I need to send in a written justification.

So by "written" do they mean handwritten? Or just not e-mailed?

lol... This is silly, I know.

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I was talking to someone the other day and they asked me get written confirmation of something, I was wondering the same thing. Written as in a letter, and handwritten letter, or an email? Does email count as written these days??
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Just to be safe, I would send snail mail.
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That's a good question...I think email is considered written correspondance these days. When people ask me for written confirmation it usually means they want something that they can print out and keep as proof of what I've said. It might be best if you are going to email the university something that you write the letter in Word or something else and save it. That way you can format it as a proper official looking letter. They probably just want to put in your file.

Congrats on your acceptance!! I loved the day that I got my acceptance letter! Time for a bit of celebration!
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Thanks very much!

I think I'm going to write it in Word and send it to the snail mail address they gave me.

I posted this mostly to settle a thing with my mom - she was sure I'd have to buy some stationery and write it in pretty script.
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You don't have to go as far as hand-writing the whole thing out in script, but you do need to send it snail mail. Email is accepted in your personal life, but in the business world, an actual letter is prefered. They will need your signature on file. This is all to cover themselves. They need to know if the letter ACTUALLY came from you...not someone who has access to your email.

Don't use email to confirm things such as credit applications, loans, schools, etc. Anything life-changing should be done in a formal manner.
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Hi Jenn! Haven't seen you for ages.
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