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It is snowing! / DT for Sunday!

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I awoke this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow! This is our first here in the NE, and I must say quite lovely!

Sunday always flys by so quickly - but perhaps there will be time for a snowball fight or two? Any takers?

My feral Goldie is NOT pleased about the snow - but I have made her several sheters filled with hay and blankets to choose from. Little Ripley and Smudgie and the 2 temp boys, Rusty and Buddy are looking at this like, what the heck is that stuff? The dog frolicked around and got all snowy and then dragged some back inside with her just cause she could.

Happy Sunday to all!
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LOL, how on earth do we go from 60 degree weather to SNOW?? It is really pretty although I just know it's going to turn to icky slush very quick. I am near the coast, so we won't get as much.
Lucky me, I plan to get out and do the very last of my Christmas shopping done. I am not going until lunch time, so hopefully it has melted and is not very slippery.
It's really starting to feel like Christmas
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OK guys got a little homesick for the white stuff (although it won't be long before dh is shoveling) so dh took me up to our ski resort (yes, we have one here) which is about a 45 min trip. Got my fill, had a drink at the lodge and came home. He asked if I was satisfied and -- get this -- I said no because it was not enough for a snowball fight, so I'm in for one. Let me go build my fort and we're off. Sandy, be careful and anyone else who has to walk or drive in it.

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I wish it would hurry up and snow here in MD. It doesn't feel like the holidays with out it. It was 70 degrees yesterday and while I haven't been outside yet today it looks like another sunny and mild day. I've got some more shopping to do as well, and I may get out there and do it today as well.

Man the weekends fly by. Seems like it was just friday. Our company shuts down on the 19th until January 2nd, so I'm looking forward to the break.

everyone enjoy that last day off until the work week starts again!
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Where I live, we have had only a few snow flurries so far this winter. Today it's really sunny, but it's cold!!!
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So far no snow here...well, up on Mt Hood there is, but not down here in town.
Maybe I can sweet talk Scott into a 35 min drive up to the mountain? (hey, I'll tell him its an early birthday present! :tounge2: )

I want some snow too!
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Ah, mostly sunny but cold here, also.

Today I'm studying for finals which start tomorrow. I am having one heck of a time concentrating on homework though, knowing that after this I'm free until the middle of January! YAY!

Actually I feel the beginning of a headache coming on. Too much staring at the computer screen trying to write my final speech for speech class. I guess it's time to step away from here and go study my economics book.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Every where you go.... Take a look in the five-and-ten, glistening once again, With candy canes and silver lanes aglow....
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No snow here.... (it does snow sometimes - last time was 50 years ago ), but it is nice, cold and crispy. We've had tons of rain this past week with lovely storms and they say the rainy weather will be back in a couple of weeks - can you tell I love winter?
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