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A neat adoptions

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Just wanted to share this. I don't usually get to be there for adoptions, but was at our main foster home last night when a couple came by with their
8-year-old daughter. They were looking for a female kitten to be a companion to their 4-year-old cat. We have a bunch! The decision was left up to the little girl, Cori. After playing with all the kittens for about an hour, she decided on an adorable, and extremely playful, little black female, whom she named Diva (seems appropriate) on the spot. After her parents got all the info from our coordinator and paid the adoption fee, Cori gave me a big hug and said "Thank you. I've been waiting for this kitten for so long!" She was so excited it just warmed my heart. I love adoptions like this, knowing the kitten will to a committed home where it will receive lots of care and love and be a little girl's treasured companion.
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I got my first kitten when I wasn't much older than 8, and he was my absolute baby boy for his entire life, I adored him totally! There's nothing like growing up with a cat to teach you true love, devotion and friendship, every little girl should have one!
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AW!!! What a precious story! What a sweet little girl, and a lucky little kitten!!!
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