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Catit or Drinkwell Fountain

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I am the new owner of two nine-week-old kittens and I need some help deciding on a water fountain for them. I have searched the forums and had originally decided on the Drinkwell with the 75 oz. reservoir due to the volume of water it holds. However, other people have recommended the Catit fountain and I'm tempted to buy it because it looks so cool!

My main concern about the Catit is whether my Pug dog will use it too. For convenience I would like to get a fountain that both the dog and cats can use (they are currently all happily sharing the same water bowl because the kitties prefer the dog's bowl to the one I bought for them). I'm pretty sure the dog would rather drink from the bowl at the bottom, but from the pictures of the Catit it's hard to tell how big it is. Does anyone with the Catit fountain also have a small dog that drinks from it?
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We have both fountains. I do like the Drinkwell but prefer the Catit & so do the cats, they use it more.
Since the Catit holds 100 oz you don't need to purchase purchase an extra reservoir like with the Drinkwell.

I don't have a dog, but I think that they would use the Catit as well as the Drinkwell. The bowl part measures about 7"x5" & the entrie fountain is 14"x10"x7".

I ordered mine here at PetFoodDirect . The last time I checked around, they had the best price. They usually have coupons available... I know that this one is good until midnight June 5th, PET3218.
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The Catit is slightly larger than the Drinkwell. I don't think you'll have any problem.
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Another option would be to get the doggit. It appears to be the same thing as the cattit, only bigger.
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Sierra loves her Drinkwell!
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My cats love their Drinkwell.

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My friend has a catit and her dog drinks from it as well as her cat. It is some sort of terrier. Anyhow the catit should be fine for both.
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Thanks for the input. I decided on the Catit fountain and it is a success! Both kittens and the pug like it!
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Glad they enjoy it!
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That's awesome! I too just got a CatIt and both my kitties love it!
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