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Seeing-eye cat

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Last year I watched a nice sequence in a comedy show. An anchorman appeared and explained that, due to popular demand, the American Foundation for the Blind started training cats in addition to dogs and invited the audience to watch the result:
A well know comedian (a somewhat portly guy), disguised as a blind man walked around with a cat on a leash.
The cat pulled him through a garden café, weaving around, between and underneath tables and chairs causing the man to overturn quite a few tables and chairs.
Then the kitty saw a bird in a tree and climbed up – at the end the poor guy was clutching to a branch about 9 ft. above ground, the kitty was sitting on the next branch saying “Meeoowwwâ€.
Off the tree and on they went, the kitty passing underneath a parked car, dragging the poor guy behind her. Meanwhile the poor guy looked quite wasted, his clothing torn and filthy as hell.
Finally they got home – kitty charging through the kitty door at full speed pulling him behind her. It ended with the guy lying on the ground, arm extended through the kitty door crying to the cat to stop pulling.

It’s been plain hilarious, believe me - it’s just difficult to put it into writing without losing the gag.

C U later

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What an interesting concept, Joe!
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Yup, I could see that happening alright!! I can imagine my dog Sugar being a seeing-eye dog in the same way, but on a much larger scale....you know the type - large, enthusiastic, loves to jump on people, chase cars, cattle.....I'm sure you get the picture!
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Actually I call my cats my "hearing guidecat"!! Seriously, they let me know when people are at my door and if something happens, I know due to my cats behavior!!!

Several times, I have woken up in the middle of night knowing someone was at my door cuz all my cats scattered from my bed waking me up...
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