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Vlinder - Congrats, well done !! Can't wait to see the pics.

Anne - Don't worry, the end result is the same, and it will all turn out ok in the end. Maybe he will still turn at the last moment you never know. When do you plan to go in for the c-section?
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They plan to arrange the operation for sometime after full 40 weeks, which should be in two weeks time. I hope to go into labor earlier than than and then they'll just take me into the OR as soon as we get to the hospital. At least I won't have to worry about how dialted I am They'll take me in as soon as they see major contractions or the beginning of dialation, or as soon as my water breaks.
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Anne, I am sorry they couldn't get the little guy to turn around for you. But, don't worry, a csection will be fine. Just remember to relax, sometimes your nerves can make it worse.

With both of my csections the hospital I was at made me walk as soon as possible. That is so important. It will hurt so badly, but the more and sooner you move the quicker your recovery will be. I am living proof. I walked within the first day, and I was up and around and home within 5 days and feeling fine. I even drove to the airport to pick up my mom when my daughter was less than a week old, and I was able to pick up the stroller and take both my kids. So, get up and walk quickly!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to you. I hope everything goes wonderfully for you and your family.
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HI Anne!

Sorry to hear that you'll have to C-section your baby, but yes, the end result is all the same!! Don't know how much you've looked into it, but when I was taking my natural childbirth classes, they touched on a few things you could do yourself to turn a breech baby. I know one of the things to do was squatting. I can't remember what else but I can surely look up my notes.

Well, just wanted you all to know that I am up and running now on my home computer!!! I finally got a JUNO account and should be making my daily visits once again... hopefully!! Jade is a handful!! I don't have any pics on the computer yet, but I'll have to borrow my mother-in-laws digital camera for you all. But I don't know how to post pictures! Is there a thread I can refer to for posting digital pics?? Let me know!!

Well, I think I finally got the little one to bed. I'll see ya'll tomorrow!!

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Posting pictures is real easy. When you post, scroll down and under the line that specifies the options, you'll see a line that lets you attach a file. If you attach a picture file (JPG or GIF) it will show up in your post.

By the way, I do know about the positions you're supposed to practice to get the baby to turn, but they are effective only in earlier weeks. Right now, he is sitting snuggly in my pelvis, so chances of him turning are slim (though not non exsitent). For now, I'm learning a lot about Ceasareans and how to recover from them (thanks Daniella!).
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