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Birth Stories

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With the baby due in 8 weeks, I trying to learn all I can about labor and birth. I really want to try and go natural, with no epidural and episiotomy, and I wonder how painful that will be.

The baby, whom we decided to name Ron, should be average weight (3.5 kg if the birth in on week 40, I thihk that's about 7 pounds). He is still not positioned in the right way (head first), but there's still time for him to turn (and I think I can feel him trying all the time ).

So, any moms out there who wish to share their birth stories, I'd love to hear them! How long, how painful, did you use the epidural, did you have a C-section? I'd love to hear them all!

Be warned! This thread may not be for the sqeamish! If you don't want to read about needles going into women's backs, stay away !
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I was 20 when I gave birth to our son John. My parents and little sister who was 14 at the time, happened to be in Buffalo for a visit the weekend before my due date. Well, as luck would have it, the morning they were going back home to Cambridge, NY, I went into labor. We had been out for a big old Italian supper the night beofre, and during the night,I awoke with what I thought was gas pains from too much linguini with clam sauce. About 9 AM I decided that it was NOT gas - but labor. Hubby called my parents at the motel and off we went to the hospital. The hospital was in downtown Buffalo. Mike was soooooooo nervous, that he was driving like a bat out of hell. As we whizzed past the hospital, I began to tell him so. In his ever so much 'I am the man' mode, he decided to reprimand me telling me that he had lived in Buffalo his entire life, and that he knew where this hospital was. About 5 minutes later, as we sped down Main Street (4 lanes wide I might add) he decided he had gone by the hospital and did a big old U turn in the the street.

Labor was not bad and at 2:17 PM we were blessed with a big baby boy! The worst part of the whole thing was the old enema and 'shave'. I do not think they do that any more and count your blessings if they do not!

The pain and discomfort of birth fade as soon as you see your child and hold them for the first time. It is well worth it!
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Oh boy I can remember this like it was yesterday and Kylee is 7 now. During my 5th month, they discovered I had toxemeia and was put on bedrest along with blood pressure medication. The high blood pressure casued headaches, so when I would get a bad one, they wanted me to come in for a blood pressure check.
About 2 weeks before I was due, I went in with a headache and the Dr said, "well I don't think your body can take much more, so you are going in to deliver tonight". I told him no way, I had some stuff to buy yet. I would be in the hospital first thing in the morning. When I called hubby to tell him, he thought I was kidding!! Needless to say we went and bought the last minute things and I was worried all night.
6am the next morning we checked in and they started to enduce labor. I was shooting for a natural delivery. The first few hours, I thought "this isn't so bad". My Doctor came in about the 5th hour and broke my water(oh boy was this weird!). Okay after about 10 hours it got to the point that I was hyper ventilating and begged for an epidural. Of course the anestesiologist was no where to be found and after another hour he showed up. It took him about 35 minutes to get the needle in place and he told me that it wouldn't have taken as long if I wasn't so fat! Thank goodness the pain was going away, but I could still feel the contractions on my left side. At about 6pm my doctor thought it best that he do a c section. He did not want to put the baby or me at risk anymore with my blood pressure.(It was sky high when I came in that morning). I was nervous but wanted to get her out..LOL. Ken got all suited up and off we went to the delivery room. Unfortunatly because the epidural wasn't working properly, I felt most everything on my left side. They were doing the best they could and could not knock me out until Kylee was all the way out. I got to hear her cry once and then I was out like a light. I must have been in the recovery room waking up for about 2 hours because she was born at 7pm and I didn't get upstairs until around 9. As much of a problem I had bringing her into this world, if I had to do the exact same thing again for her, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Of course if hubby decides to pop in, he may be able to bring in the homorous aspect of the whole thing
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I had high blood pressure and several problems when I was pregnant with my daughter, but nothing serious enough to keep me from having a second child! <G> But, the doctor didn't want to take any chances, so he decided to induce me on my due date.

We went to the hospital at 7:00, they had the IV going by 8:00, I was in hard labor and half way there by noon. At that time, I asked for an epidural (It's the only way to go!). I'll never forget the doctor telling me to curl up like a cat so he could get the needle in my back. I didn't feel pain after the epidural was started, but did feel pressure in my lower back during every contraction. It was uncomfortable but not unbearable.

Kurtis was delivered at 3:45. It was a very easy labor and delivery and I recommend being induced and epidural to everyone.

I think totally natural is wonderful when the labor and delivery goes fast. I had a friend that woke up in labor and delivered 45 minutes after she got to the hospital. For her natural was the only way to go. But, for those of us that take longer, it's wonderful to deliver and feel like staying awake, holding and cuddling the baby.

Anne, everyone is different. Some people cannot tolerate pain, while there are others that can have dental work without having their mouth deadened. The doctor warned me several times not to listen to other women's stories because they could scare me to death. You have to focus on the positive and what is happening to YOU minute by minute. It's the most joyful time of your life, relax and enjoy it. After you deliver come back, and share your story with us and then we can share ours!

Good Luck!
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This is a good thread. Now, my first born, my son, is 13, so in childbirth terms, that is practically the dark ages. Since then advice, etc. has changed about 100 times. Anyway.....

I did the whole Lamaze class thing, but I went into it as a realist. I figured I would give it a shot, but not knowing what exactly to expect, I figured if I needed an epidural, I would go for it without feeling like a failure.

My son was born 3 weeks prior to his due date. I had just finished dinner and had worked all day. My husband was at work. I had just gone to the bathroom, and minutes later, I was "wetting my pants". That was when I realized my water had broken. So I called the doctor and dad at work. He came flying home and wanted to shower. I said, "No!", but relented when he informed me that he had been cleaning squid at the restaurant.

My labor was fairly short. From the time of water breakage to full dilation was about 6 hours. That's like an instant in terms of 1st babies. Oh, yes, I did take the epidural! And since I had eaten, I had the dignity to vomit all over the delivery room.

The tough part came next. I was literally pushing for 4-1/2 hours. My son's head was the size of a watermelon. Finally, they prepped me for a C-section. The doctor decided to try a forceps delivery. They asked if I wanted a mirror to view the birth. I, not so politely, told them to just get the d*mn thing out of me. My husband reported that the doctor's arm literally disappeared somewhere inside my body, and voila!, there he was, all 8 pounds, 1 oz. of him. I had to have some kind of Grand Canyon episiotomy, which was as painful as h#ll healing. I got an internal infection on top of that. I was literally recuperating for 4 weeks. The course of antibiotics wasn't long enough, so the infection was back 4 weeks later. My very good friend had had her son just hours before I did, and she was up running around in days. All in all, it was not the best of times. But he was a good baby.

I will add a decent ending to the story by saying that my daughter arrived 13 months later. She was a bigger baby, but with a smaller head. After another speedy labor, I pushed once (more like a little cough) and out she flew. Of course, that meant she was later to be a baby with colic, feeding difficulties, and failure to thrive. It's funny because just last night in helping my daughter to research a genetic type of anemia that she has, I learned that all of those difficulties she had were symptoms of her disease.

All in all, both experiences made for unique stories about each of their lives, which contributes to the specialness that is each one of them.

(Phew! long post)
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I was very young when I had both of my children- one at 18 and one at 20, and I delivered both without the aid of any drugs or an epidural. Although it hurt, it wasn't unbearable, and I liked the feeling that I had complete control over my body, without any loss of sensation or a fuzzy head. The pain gives you cues as to whats going on, and what you should be doing, IMHO.

The only really difficult part of the birth is the "transition" stage. The period of time between being fully dilated and being able to push. Its the point where you start thinking you can't do it, and feel like giving up, and usually occurs when you're about 9 cm dilated. Its pretty much all downhill from there, the birth goes quickly after that, well, for me anyways.

I'd recommend spending the early labour period soaking in a warm tub of water. it really takes the edge off the pain. Oh, and have something to focus on during the contractions, like a picture of your cats or something that is pleasant for you.

My first labour was 9 hours total. My water broke at midnight and my daughter was born at 9 am. I spent the early part of the labour in a warm bath, and when that stopped helping I got out and dressed and walked up and down the hospital halls. When I'd have a contraction, I'd stop and lean against my hubby for support. The walking helps the labour to progress faster. I remember being so thirsty! I drank four or five bottles of juice! Hubby would wipe my forehead with a cool cloth during the contractions. I became irritated with that during a particularly bad one and punched him in the leg :tounge2: Once I got through the transition period, the birth went quickly. The pushing just seemed to come naturally, no one had to tell me how to do it or when, I just knew. I attribute knowing what to do, with doing it naturally, with no drugs etc. But thats just my opinion. The nurse held up a mirror so I could see my daughters head crowning. Then, with a few more pushes, she was out, screaming and in my arms. I don't know if you plan to nurse, but it really calmed my little girl down when I nursed her right away. She seemed so comfortable wrapped in a warm blanket and nursing, right on the delivery table ! They took her away to clean her up and I had a little nap. Shes now 6 years old, and I remember every detail as if it were yesterday.My sons birth was very similar, so no need to repeat.

By the way, my daughter was in breech postion until a few weeks before she was born. This was my doctors advice to get her to turn, and it worked! he told me to lie in a very dark room and to take a flashlight and put the light against my tummy, near the top where her head was and to slowly move the light down the side of my tummy to the bottom. He said she may follow the light, and she did. She was a big girl, and it was a bit painful when she did her 360 turn, but once she turned, her head dropped into position where she stayed until she was born. Maybe this will work for you? It sounds silly, but for me it did work

Regarding the episiotomy, i didn't have one with either of my kids. If you are careful to go very slowly when pushing the baby out, you may not have to have one. Thats not as easy as it sounds, when you body says 'push' and you try to hold off, its difficult. But its worth it in the end to not have to worry about lots of stitches. I had a small internal tear with each child, that required three tiny stitches, I didn't even feel them.

I wish you luck with the birth of your child. Its a beautiful, miraculous experience you will never forget
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I was near my due date with my son, and we went to Childbirth classes and they showed the film of a woman going into labor. When she started labor on the film, so did I! That day had been a false alarm twice with both of us rushing to the hospital because we were convinced that this was "IT!" By that time, Don had pretty much dismissed me as a false alarm, but the chairs had armrests and my hands were squeezing during contractions. Sitting next to me was another husband whose wife was on child #3 and he was counting my contractions. When the film was finished and Jo turned on the lights, she asked if there was any questions- and this man said, "No Questions, but Mary Anne is in full labor!" They rushed me upstairs thank God I was already at the hospital, so guess you could say I was susceptible to suggestion?
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At the time my son was born we were living in Rochester MN. I could have chosen a large hospital connected with the Mayo Clinic for my prenatal care and delivery, but I chose the smaller community hospital instead.

On the night I went into labor, my husband and I arrived at the hospital when my contractions were three minutes apart. I was never able to make any progress beyond that point. After a while, my labor started slowing down, and my contractions were four minutes apart. The medical staff didn't know what was wrong. One of the nurses checked the baby's heart rate during a contraction and found that he was in extreme distress. The nurses went to find the doctor and brought in an external fetal monitor, the baby's condition was monitored for awhile. Hearing the baby's heartbeat was really horrible! Every time I had a contraction, the baby's heartbeat would get very, very slow. When the contraction ended, the heartbeat would return to normal. The doctor thought that the baby was being strangled by the umbilical cord, and he said an emergency C-section was necessary. The doctor also told us there was a possibility that the baby would be stillborn or be brain damaged due to lack of oxygen.

Since this was early on a Saturday morning, they had to start calling additional staff to come into the hospital to deal with my situation. They took me to X ray first because the doctor needed to see the exact position of the baby. Then they took me to surgery, and my husband went into the observation area with one of the nurses. I was allowed to choose between put under or staying awake, I choose to stay awake. There were two doctors who were there to perform the surgery and they were really worried about the possibility of a stillborn baby. There was also a pediatrician in the operating room in case the baby was continuing to be in distress immediately after birth. About ten minutes after the initial incesion, they lifted the baby out, I could hear some extremely weak noises coming from the baby, then I heard a suctioning sound, and after the baby started crying, the doctor told me it was a boy.

The doctor told us later that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my son's neck three times. Also, my husband told me later that when my son was lifted out, his entire head was blue, but after they gave him oxygen, the color was normal.

The happy ending: My son didn't suffer any brain damage from his birth experience, he is a very intelligent and gifted person, expecially with computers.
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Not a story, but a little comic relief...

A woman 6 months pregnant with her 3rd child was getting ready to get into the shower.

Her 3 year old daughter came into the room and said "Mommy, you're getting fat!"

The woman said "Yes Honey, remember Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy?"

The little girl replied "I know Mommy, but whats growing in your butt?" :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

(slinking away now...)
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When I was pregnant with my daughter Amy, I suffered from Toxemia as well (Pre-eclampsia). My blood pressure shot up to 250/150. I was one month away from my due date. One morning I got up and thought I was in labor. I went to my doctor and he said it was a false alarm and to go home. So I did. I still kept feeling contractions and was timing them but they were erratic. I was scheduled for a C-Section on April 25th (my due date) because a year prior I had surgery on my uterus and my doctor was afraid that my uterus would rupture with a natural delivery.

So all day I went about my business, cleaning, eating, etc. By 4 p.m. the contractions got worse. The doctor still thought it was false labor (there was nothing false about the pain). Around 5 p.m. I went to the doctor for another exam. DUH!!! I was in full labor and was admitted to the hospital. I looked like a balloon in the Macy's Parade. My hands, face and feet were puffed out, which is a sign of pre-eclampsia.

They gave me a spinal which numbed me from my neck down. At 6:53 p.m. on March 24, 1976 Amy Elizabeth was born weighing 7 lbs. 1 oz. Because my blood pressure was so high and they didn't want to take the chances of me having a seizure, I stayed in the delivery room for 24 hours. I couldn't move anything except my head from side to side because the spinal would cause a migraine.

Everything turned out okay. But don't forget that little ole thing called Post Partum Depression. It comes on so fast, at least it did with me. And because I was on medicine for my blood pressure, I wasn't able to nurse my daughter which really bummed me out. She turn out no worse for though.

And that's the name of that tune!
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With my daughter, the pregnancy was easy. Because I was inexperienced I didn't know when if my water broke. I would feel really moist in my panties. I thought it was my water. So I packed my bag and headed to the hospital. They checked me out and found that I didn't break it, but the doctor found that I had high blood pressure for the second time(I was on high blood pressure before and the doctor told me to slow down and rest. They also did some testing.)and they decided to induce labor. So, I called my husband and my mother and told them it was time. So, they hooked me up to the IV's. I felt the pains before they put the epidural. Then when it was time for labor, I asked for more epidural because it was hurting. I didn't know that too much is a bad thing. When it was time to push, I could not feel anything. Not even enough to push. I was like that for 30 hours. I went into the hospital at about four in the afternoon and then, at eight the morning, they decided to do a C-Section. Kimberly Maria was born on January 22, 1997 and weighted 7 pounds 6 ounces. The healing process after a c-section is very painful. Even after they gave me pain killers, it still hurt to move. I felt weak. I lost alot of blood so they put me on iron pills because I was anemic. Warning, do not have too much epidural or you will not feel the need to push.

With my son, it was alot easier. No problems during the pregnancy. I remember my last month, I was starting to feel pain in my lower back. But it was not to strong so I didn't panic. He was due on the 16th of december. And the pain started on the first. Then I remember going to a wedding on a Friday night. I was starting to feel more pain. But still, I did nothing. Just sat all day and not dance. I had increased pain all weekend. Then on Monday, I had to do an errand. Walking around made me have more pain. So I decided to go to the hospital and they checked me. I discovered that I was 4 centimeters dialated and so they induced labor. They gave me an epidural but only so that I don't feel the pain. I was able to push. I checked in at 4pm and Armando Jesus arrived at 11pm on December 8, 1997. Recovering from this birth was easier. If anyone is wondering why my two children have the exact same birth year, it was because I listened to my ex-husband. After Kimberly was born, my husband insisted that I do natural birth control. So after my six weeks were up and all the stuff from the birth cleared, and right before my period, it happened. I got pregnant with my son. So now, my son just turned four on Saturday and Kimberly will be five in January.

Good luck! Hugs and kisses from me and Rascal
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I love reading and telling birth stories! They're so much fun!

#1 I was 16, my due date came, I was very impatient. No baby. SO I told hubby at 10 pm to take me to the store and get me chips and dip and to take me down the bumpiest road he knew. He did! We sat up eating chips and watching movies until 4 am. That's when it started. 4 minutes apart, yee haw! After 4 contractions they started getting really sporadic. So then I thought, oh I'm not in labor. It started to hurt so bad, by 5:30 I told hubby to call the doc, cuz if I wasn't in labor, something was def. wrong. Got to the hospital at 6 am I was 4 cm dilated. I writhed in pain for 4 hours, with each time the nurses asking me if I needed anything, I would say sedate me. They said they couldn't. By 10 am I had enough, GIVE ME DRUGS!!!! I demerol, knocked me out til noon and they gave me some more, knocked me out til 2. By then I was 8 cm, no more drugs they said. I was the biggest baby, every contraction I would scream so loud the nurses would come running and ask me what was wrong. And I would scream back GIVE ME DRUGS! Sometime after 3:30 they broke my water and Halie was born at 4:42. 7lbs 7 oz.I only had a slight tear, maybe needed 5 stitches.

#2 Ashton was 8 days early. He was due on Christmas Eve, but he decided he wanted the 16th as his birthday. I knew I was in labor at 2 pm when I went to the bathroom and had lost my mucus plug. My contractions were little mild cramps about 7 minutes apart. They quickly got down to 5 and 3 when I was moving. So we headed to the hospital. At 5:30 pm I was 5 cm dilated. At 11 pm they broke my water, gave me stadol because then it hurt, whew! He was born at 11:29 pm, no stitches at all! 8lbs 15 oz!

#3 I coulda bet he was going to be early by all the crampiness I had. I had false labor twice, at my 401/2 week check up I wasn't even dilated a bit. The next night when the contractions started I was in disbelief. I had convinced myself 2 weeks before he wasn't going to come out until he was 18! They were 8 minutes apart, throughout the night going to 7 min. apart. 12 hours passes, they are still only 6 minutes apart and so mild it wasn't even funny. I try to sleep after being up all night. I wake up around noon, it's been 16 1/2 hours now, still 6 minutes apart, but I am sooo annoyed. I call the doc. We get to the hospital I am almost 5 cm. I was GBS + so I had to have antibiotics. After one dose I am still 5 cm, so they make me walk for an hour. Still 5 cm. They give me the 2nd dose of antibiotics. At 8:15 they break my water. @ contractions after they really hurt, I want pain med.The doc comes in After a total of 4 contractions I was 8 cm dilated. No meds for me. Before I knew it I was fully dilated ecxept for a small rim which they helped me push away. I'm pushinga nd pushing and exhausted and I could feel so much pressure. I had felt that pressure before. With the other 2 after the pressure the baby's heads were out. But not with Logan. I kept asking Is his head out and they said NO. His heart rate started to drop, and the doc and nurses are now yelling at me to push, blah blah blah, and I am, and I keep asking if his head was out, so his heart rate kept dropping so they checked me to see what was going on. His head was sideways, he was basically stuck in the canal. He needed to be vacuum extracted and I needed my first episiotomy!

Anne! I can't believe you only have 8 more weeks! I really hope everything goes well. As for however your birth is, it will always be an experience you will remember. But somehow, you will forget the pain and may even have more! Look at me I have 3! Just remember, if it was all that bad woman wouldn't have more than 1 kid!
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You are all so brave.

With only 4 weeks to go myself I am rather scared by all of this and must admit to skipping over a few parts of the stories.

I have a few questions.

I am not usually scared of needles or giving blood etc, but the idea of a needle in my spine scares me more than anything. Those of you that have had an epidural, does anyone suffer any backache now that may have been casued by the epidural. I ask this because I have been told that the majority of people who have had one do suffer from backache forever.

Has anybody used or know someone who has used a TENS machine. I have bought one and am planning to use it, I know it is not nearly as effective as an epidural. I am not totally ruling out the epidural as when the pain gets too bad I will probibly scream for one, but I am hoping to go as natural as possible. I must admit to beeing one of those people that usually does not get the injection at the dentists if its just a small filling, but that is because he is a really good dentist and very gentle. But the thought of labour and hours of pain scares me.

Third question. How do you feel your partners coped with the whole birth if they were there. My hubby is going to be there, but he is really squeemish and does not even like talking about the birth now and what is going to happen. So he is not really prepared for what is going to go on, and will probibly scream epidural when contractions are still 1/2 an hour apart.

I have decided to take my sister along and she is actually coming to the couples class with me instead of him as he just can't cope with it. She had her first child 7 years ago, an 11 pound girl, and 46 stitches so she does not really support me in trying to do it the natural way. So I feel like I have not really got the support I need. But now I am babbling. Look forward to your replies.

Oh dear cat just jumped on keyboard and sent post so now I need to edit it.
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11 pounds?!?!?! 46 stitches?!?!?!
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This isn't too related but just funny....my mother had me and my twin brother by C-section. So of course she had plenty of pain killers But what was funny was she was determined to see us born, so, the doctors just gave her local anesthetic and after they made the cut, they propped up a mirror so she could see us being pulled out of her stomach! Personally, I thought it was kinda gross, but she likes it :tounge2:
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Hmmmm, I can remember being really nervous before giving birth
Let's see, now of course this is just my account and take on the whole thing. I can't really say I think the epidural is linked to backache. I think 90% of the population has backache just from simple misuse of the muscles. I can't say the needle really hurt. By the time I asked for one, I was having some pretty bad contractions and I guess they took priority over the needle.
I really wanted to have Kylee natural. I went through the classes, did my breathing etc. I am pretty tolerant to pain. Let's face it, I have 12 or 13 tattoo's, 2 piercings and I have had fillings done without anestesia. I can only guess that because of the enduced labor with the drugs, after the 10 hours I gave in and needed a break. Had I gone into natural labor, it may have been different. After 12 hours, I was only at 8 centimeters and wasn't budging.
Hubby was really good through the whole thing. He was very supportive and watched the whole thing. I am not sure how he would have done if he was squeemish. I am sure your hubby will be too excited to get woozy.
I have since decided one child is enough for me, but at the time I had decided that if we had another one, I would go for a c section right up front. Only because of my situation and what I had experienced. I know a lot of women who have had 4 or more children natural every time. I really think that no matter how you end up giving birth, it is a very special experience.
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I am with Sandie. I have never heard of a backache associated with the epidural. On the other hand, I have heard of an "epidural headache". I had a friend who experienced that one. It occurs when the needle accidently nicks the spinal cord and spinal fluid leaks. She was flat on her back for over a week with the worst migraine imaginable. (Sorry to scare you).

I had no problems with the epidural. The first time I was so exhausted after working all day that it helped me to be able to nap while the labor was progressing. It was a saving grace!
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This is just some trivial information. If your husband stays with you when you are in the labor room, it is possible that he could have sympathic labor pains. My husband told me later that this is what happened to him, every time I had a contraction, he had a severe stomach cramp. It happened because he had empathy for what I was going through, but I don't think it went on for the entire length of the labor.
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Lorrie, I think I know what your husband went through! 15 years ago, before I knew anything better, we had a cat that got pregnant and delievered the kittens in my room in the middle of the night. I sat up with her and I swear I had cramps the whole time just from watching her

I think this also like what Hissy said, about being induced into labor just by watching a film about someone going through it I will try and avoid such films in the next 3 weeks (I don't mind going early as long as it's after week 35). I can't wait to have a real cake and ice cream and that will have to be after the baby is born and the gestational diabetes goes away...

Janine! I'm so happy to see you here! How are you feeling? Wow! 4 weeks to go! That really means you should be watching for the signs as he can be a bit early. Sorry your hubby feels like that... Isn't nature smart not to let men give birth? I think if men were the ones to get pregnant and give birth, human beings would have become extinct

Thanks everyone for sharing the stories! It does seem like every birth is different.
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Back in 1976, that was WAY before they allowed fathers into the delivery room. It wasn't even considered if you had a C-Section, which is what I had. Nowadays they allow the husbands in the operating room for C-Sections.

Like I said, I had a full spinal which numbed me from the neck down and I was only allowed to move my head from side to side, never up or down which was a bummer when I wanted a drink of water. I had to stay flat on my back for over 24 hours which means I couldn't even hold Amy until it wore off.

Alot of people think the most pain comes when the head is delivered, but it is actually the shoulders that are the widest part of a baby's body, so look out!

Spike, you look great! I wish you alot luck and love in your delivery. It's good that your sister will be there with you. Especially since hubby is squeamish.
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I had both of my children by c-section. They were too large to pass thru the birth canal.
I made the decision to stay awake, so I had an epidural with my son. With my daughter though, they said a spinal would be easier ( thats when they inject the medicine directly to your spinal cord, instead of putting in the catheter from the epidural ). I found it to be much more painful than the epidural. And I also found that the medication wore off much quicker. My surgery with her was about 1 hour, and the spinal was already wearing off in the recovery room. With my son, I had stayed numb for about 3 hours afterward.
No matter how you end up giving birth Anne, I promise you the pain will be well worth the end result. No doubt about it.
You will do fine.
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Guess what, we're going to take another birth class (or whatever you call them in English) in two weeks. I bet I'll be the only one there with only 3 weeks left before the due date...

The reason for that is that we decided we really want to try and go natural. No inductions, no epidural, no nothing - just plain good old painful vaginal birth Of course you never know, things will take their own course and we will flow along, but as far as we're concerned that's our birth plan and that's what we'll tell the doctors.

We've been learning a lot about the subject this past few weeks. Turns out that in Israel, like in most American hospitals, the doctors tend to intervene too much, inducing births, and doing relatively a lot of C-sections and using vaccum/forceps etc. They also encourage you to use epidural or at least some other form of pain medication.

In many of the births today, the doctors actively make your water break, or they use Pitocin either to induce or just to speed things up. This causes a lot of pain (rather than a gradual onset of labor, you get very strong contractions all of a sudden) that is too much for most women. That's when you really do need to use the epidural. The epidural sometimes makes it hard for women to feel the contractions at all and they have problems pushing at the right moment. This prolongs the active stage of the birth and causes the doctors to use the vaccum or forceps and if that doesn't work, to move on to a C-section... Not to mention that they end up cutting you up (in at least 50% of all first births) - ouch!

So, in order to be able to cope with the pain of a natural birth, we decided to take a course that focuses on that. Our previos course was very technical, so we know all about that side of the birth, but not enough about natural pain control methods, positions and breathing techniques.
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I had to write up a birth story for my active birth yoga class so here it is, its a pretty long one as they require all the derails

Dear Annabel

I managed to get a look at my notes in the hospital and took down some of the details. On;y reason I have the times so well down as its mostly a bit blurry in my memory.

It all started Saturday in the early hours of the morning. I was up pretty late getting the last of my things organised. I had just put up a list of things for Tarryn to remember to take to the hospital on the front door and finished prepping my birth announcement cards. It was 1 am and Tarryn came up from the restaurant to tell me to go to bed and I remember jokingly telling him I had finished organising everything and the baby could now come out.

At 2 I woke up with the most incredible urge to go to the toilet but was only able to urinate. So I went to the kitchen and had the hugest bowl of bran flakes in I could manage and thought that would sort that out once and for all. Hubby was finished work and watching telly. I then went back to bed.

At 3 I woke again with what I thought may be contractions. But they were not sore in my stomach as expected but immense pressure again on the back passage. I went to the toilet and was it I had mild dioherea. And mucous discharge tinged pink. I thought it must be the bran flakes working. But was not sure about the discharge as it had been all week a clear discharge and only now had it turned pinkish. And was sure the supposed contractions were fake ones. This continued to happen and I started timing the contractions and they seemed 8 - 10 minutes apart. Hubby had fallen asleep on the sofa so I left him for the time being. With every contraction I needed to sit on the loo and urinate.

At 5 I woke hubby and told him I thought it may be time but was not sure, he timed the contractions and I used the breathing to get through them (THANKS !!). But the contractions were still not strong in the stomach just back back back. I could not sit on the birth ball as the pressure was unbearable and just wanted to stand or sit on toilet. I called the hospital and they said to stay home till I was sure. I put on my tens machine and it did help a bit but not much.

So we continued. At about 7 the contractions were getting closer but no change in strength. I called the hospital again and they said stay home till you're sure.

At 8:30 the contractions were between 4 and 6 minutes apart and I told hubby to pack the car I was not calling the hospital as I was just going in if this was not the real thing I would come home but I needed positive confirmation NOW.

We arrived at Kingston at 8:30 and they monitored me for 20 minutes she said the baby was fine, but there did not seem to be any real contractions going on. She did an internal, very painful, I used the breathing again and discovered that I was 3cm at this point. So they were not sending me home. PANIC SET IN. I started using Arnica and planned to take one every hour and did manage most of the day with that. I also used water with Rescue Remedy in throughout.

I got into a bath in the hospital and this really eased the pain but I was on my back and so decided to get out and move about. I was pretty tired at this point, only having had an hours rest. My sister was on her way from Camberly and hubby was doing fine with me but very scared by all the pain and noise I was making. I used Kali Carb to try and help with the back.

At 10:30 I decided to ask for an epidural, as I could not bear the pain and then used the gas and air till the anaesthetist arrived. I did not want to have the pethadine. The epidural was given at 11.

I alternated sides and the epidural was fine, it was a mobile one and I was able to move around quite fine. There was still a lot of pressure but it was bearable.

At 12 I was unable to pass urine so they inserted a catheter, and my waters broke around the same time. They gave me another internal and I had dilated to 6 cm so all was going well but the contractions were not showing up strong on the monitor irregular and not really peaking. Every now and again we would have a whopper but they would go away again.

At 1 I had a heavy blood loss, contractions were 2/3 in every 10 but still not strong. And the pressure had appeared to have eased when I told them this they did another internal and I was 7 cm, the doctor wanted to give me the sintocinon. I tried using the gelsemium to get it all going, but it had no effect. I asked if I could get Shirley Anne in as she had offered to if they needed to get things going but the doctor said no it was not a good idea. I tried to stall them as I really did not want the sintocinon. They said I really needed it as the contractions had not been strong all day I had no more pressure and the dilation seemed to have slowed down aswell they agreed to give me a very low dose to see if it was just a little nudge I needed.

At 2 the sintocinon was given and I was told it would be reviewed at 4. I had to remain on the bed due to all the monitoring and the drip and catheter. I tried to sit up and forward but the baby's heartbeat dropped below 100 so could not and alternated sides. I managed to relax and may even have had a sleep at this point. At 20 past the contractions were not picking up and by 40 past they started to pick up again.

At 3:30 I started feeling very nauseous and had a bad headache.

At 4 the contractions were 4 in 10 but not long ones. The pressure had returned a bit but I was not dilating and was still 7cm and I now had a temperature.

They decided to increase the dose of cintocinon and wait another 2 hours to see how things were going to go.

At 5 I was still feeling nauseous and vomited.

At 6 o'clock they did another internal, I was 8 cm but not fully effaced on the one side, and the baby was in the back to back position. The midwife did a sweep. The contractions were 5-6 in 10 and still weak. The doctor said that the baby had been under some distress in the last hour but it had returned to within acceptable range. She said I could opt for a c-section at this point if I wanted to, or I could go another 2 hours at which point the decision would have to be made. I decided to give it the 2 hours. They said if the baby was at all distressed though in the 2 hours we would have to go straight into theatre. They again upped the dose of cintocinon.

At 7 contractions 3 in 10.

At the 8 review things were still the same as before the cervix was still thick on one side but it appeared to be the opposite side to the last time ( I was not sure that was possible ?). We needed to make a decision. The doctor allowed me to try for one last hour and said at 9 if I was not ready to push we would have to go for a c-section.

At 9 contractions 4-5 in 10
At 9:15 contractions 3-4 in 10.

Another internal was done at 9:20 and I was now 9cm but still not fully effaced. The baby had started to turn but was not fully in the right position. The decision was made to go for an emergency c-section.

I went into theatre and they cut at 22:05 and Joshua was delivered at 22:15. It took 3 attempts to get him out as he was well wedged in. He weighed in at 9lb5 (4.25kg). The top up epidural they gave me numbed me right to my fingertips and I was unable to lift my head to look at Joshua or hold him. I was incredible sleepy and felt totally out of it and cannot remember too much about what went on in there.

I also lost a lot of blood 1 1/2 litres and I needed a transfusion in the morning.

I was really upset I had not been able to feed him straight away and cannot now remember when the first feed was. He got jaundice and lost more than the 10% body weight allowed, and we had to stay hospital for 6 days. We had to top him up with a bottle in hospital to get over the jaundice. Had one very stressful night with him under light screaming and not eating. And another 2 fairly stressful ones. The doctor came and had a chat to me, and told me that there was absolutely no way a natural birth was going to happen as I was not going to fully dilate and that when he had turned he had actually gotten stuck and so would not have descended any further. My cut healed very well, I continued with the Arnica and also alternated Hypercium and Bellis Per. They were actually surprised how quick it healed and how soon I was up and about as I was walking around within 24 hours.

But we are home now and all is going well. The breastfeeding is going along nicely now and I think we are getting there with him. I have not had to top up with a bottle at all yet at home and he has picked up 400g.

Wish all the girls well from me and good luck. And I look forwared to seeing you all again in the post natal classes.

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The details were so intense you took me right there with you as a reader. I am so glad it turned out well for you and Joshua. Congrats on your new baby once again! Happy Parenthood!

Anne may need to put some baby smilies in her collection soon so we can use them as well...
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Thats a good idea, baby smilies I took a journal with me to the hospital when I was in labor with my son. I wrote down everything, its so neat to look back and read what I went through Janine,I hope you enjoy your new status as Mommy, its an awesome experience
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All I have to say is... check out the new smilies...


Janine, I've just went through your story once again. Thank you for the detailed report. You know, in Israel statistics show that 17% of all births end up as a ceasarian (not includint elective ceasarians, where you know in advance you're going to have one). I was especially interested in how the baby changed position during labor. Was he in head position before you went into labor?
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Anne he was head down a few weeks before but was with his back to mine so not ideal for natural birth. He did twist around during labour and started to be in the correct position but got stuck.

I have been told walking on all fours and sitting in an upright chair can help for good birth positions. Also never lie on your back and avoid reclining in a chair as much as possible, very difficult when you want to sit on the sofa and watch telly.
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I hope all is going well for you and the planning of your birth! I just wanted you to know that I DID go natural when I had Jade three weeks ago! It was SOOO hard, and I thought I would never do it again.. but now that I think on it, I totally would do it all over again!! It is such a great experience!

My first water sack broke at 2am and I started having minor contractions. SO we went to the hospital where I labored for 12.5 hours. I was able to use the birthing tub and was hooked up to portable monitors so as not to be strapped to the bed. I walked around the hospital and then after 10 hours I got so tired and exhausted I had the doctor come and break my 2nd water sack. (I had 2) The contractions were so bad after that and I had really hard back labor. I wish I had had a doula there to help me, but I had really great support from family. I gave birth on my back which was what I really did NOT want to do since it defies gravity and makes for a longer labor. But I chose that position since everything else I tried to do hurt so much!! I pushed for half and hour and the sensation of feeling her head and body come through is something I cannot put into words!! Natural vaginal birth was awesome! NOt something I'd reccommend to everyone!! But it was so worth it and I would totally do it that way again!

THe biggest thing is to be well educated and ready to accept the challenge! Good luck and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

BTW, any one interested in non-d rugbirth control can purchase a copy of my birthing video for a small copying fee!! HAH!! just kidding, although I bet after watching me scream my head off on it will deter a few people from taking the plunge!! Hee hee!
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Hi Vlinder! Welcome back to the site. We missed you! And congratulations on the birth of Jade. I don't know about anyone else but I want to see PICTURES!!!!!
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Congratulations!!! I do think this merits a special Jade thread with pictures!!!

By the way, as little Ron is stubborn and decided to stay in breech position despite the doctor's efforts yesterday, I'll have to have a C-section Not my dream birth, but there's nothing much I can do about it now...
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