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What are your cat's favorite toys?

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Now, I'm sure practically EVERYONE grossly overspoils their kitties. I know I do :P They have about two baskets of toys I estimate that with them, and their tree, Ive spent about $200 on toys alone!(the tree was $100) I mean, I have a twelve dollar feather on a stick! A large plastic disk with a ball in it that goes around, countless catnip toys homemade and bought, balls, bells, furry things, dancing things, jiggling things, mice, ducks, bears, chickens, frogs, dogs, things made out of rabbit fur, you name it! Some are store bought, some I made myself (mutilated small stuffed animals, shoved catnip in them, and stitched them with black thread so they look like frankensteins)

But what toys do my cats like best???

Aerowyn: Balloons, and a one dollar toy from Dollar general, which is a stuffed baby sock on a stretchy string.

Elliot: Puffballs used in crafting, a 99 cent ball of rabbit fur bought at the vets.

Anyone else have silly cats like this?

Elliot also has taken to something I got today, which is a three inch tall bear that came in a tiny mug. I call it boo boo bear. It reminds me of Garfield and pooky. He loves it for some reason.. its really crazy.

Aerowyn.. she discovered balloons not too long ago. She grabs the tied end in hermouth and shakes it back and forth, and then "herds" it, by walking around it in circles, stalking the tied end. O_O

Cats are so silly
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To clarify: Cat/Balloon activity is closely monitored, and balloons are not left with cat just in case she pops it and wants to eat it
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The feathers. Hands down.
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Sierra enjoys her Cat Dancer, DaByrd, a kitty teaser, a catnip teabag made out of sturdy material, and her catnip teddy bear! She also enjoys rolling all over her Boogie Mat when it freshened up with catnip! Her favorite toy right now is named Stringy. It is a long stretchy string that came off the pole of one of her toys and now is a string with a toy attached to the end. She loves that string and will chase it all over the place, catch it, and roll over and rabbit kick it! It's a fun interactive toy and remains put away when not in use.
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The mice that make noise when you shake them and string.
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Aww!! I wish I had a digital camera I put Booboo bear by elliot's head and he was laying on it and was sleeping, until I tipped a glass over! Now he has it in his arms and is sleeping! He has never done that before to things! What a little cutie :P
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Mr Guinness is a fickle little monkey. I rotate his toys nearly every week because he gets so fed up with them! Atm, he is in love with a toy catnip mouse - he walks about with it in his mouth then insists on plonking it in one of my slippers I am sure if I answer this next week, he would have got fed up with the mouse by then!
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Peacock feathers....though the store I used to get them from doesn't sell them anymore.

Furry mice and laser pointer. Plus they have a furball frenzy toy they go nuts over!
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JC likes walnuts & wrapped toffees - he likes to carry them around in his mouth, toss them in the air, roll & attack them. Joey likes the "Play Cavern Scratcjer" and they ALL love the horsewhip!! None of the other store-bought teasers amuse them as much as that horsewhip - maybe because it has the scent of horse, I'm not sure, but it is the hands-down favorite of all.
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