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More photos of the boys!

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"Mom, this hat does not make me look cool!"

"I didn't do anything...I was sitting right here the whole time!"

"I don't like this outfit! Don't talk to me!"

"Does my fur make my butt look big?"

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Beautiful pics. I especially love those black and white pics. They look so professional.
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aww, i just wanna pick them up and squeeze them, and kiss 'em, and hug 'em!

they are so fluffy and pretty!

you take very good pictures by the way!

very nice, thank you for sharing!
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i love miko's hat
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Beautiful pictures! I always enjoy your pics.
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Thank you! And Sam, I love looking at photos of your cat too. They are TOO precious!
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Great pictures. And how adorable are all their clothing. Priceless.
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All of them are so cute

I especially like Sabastian
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Aww!! So cute! I have a kitty torture hat.. I mean.. outfit completer too
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They are so beautiful and you're photo's are awesome.
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Hehe. Thanks! Miko seems to think of it as a "torture hat" too.
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your cats are SO gorgeous! And you take fantastic pictures!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!
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Darling pics!!
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Great pictures!!! Love your new siggy!!!
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good pictures!!!
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AWWWWW , so sweet , such nice pictures . thanks so much for sharing them
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Thanks for the comments!

I just wanted to say that these will be the last photos I post for awhile because my boss is back in the store tomorrow. In case anyone was wondering, I can only transfer the photos on her computer because she has the program and I lost my original CD. Until her next vacation...
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miko is soooo pretty! and sabastian looks just like my precious casmo only sabastian is orangier and flufyer
cute pics
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Great pictures of your beautiful kitties.
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OMG how flippin' cute!
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