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Milo's officially pregnant...

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F.Y.I Milo&Mini are the princesses of my neighbourhood, coz there's no other female cats around... So when it's mating season, there's about 5 male cats that come over to mate with Milo or Mini (there was a black cat, an orange cat, an grey and white cat, a white cat, and a grey cat that mated Milo a couple of weeks ago)... It gets irritating, especially if they start fighting over them... The other day I had to bring a spray can everywhere so they'd stop mating Milo! Mini just had her babies so those male cats didn't touch her... Milo's pregnant now, and she's just having her usual simptoms, eating &drinks alot, sleeps a lot, and she's usually hyperactive, but now she just spends her days relaxing on my bed... I can't wait to see what colour her babies are gonna be...
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Congrats on the new arrivals Did you just post a thread about Birth control or spay? If you are not going to become a breeder I would suggest you getting her fixed.I had a young siamese get pregnant a vet told me should not go in heat for a year so i thought I would enjoy her being wild and crazy because I heard it make them lazy. Well she got pregnant and only weighed 5 pounds and the vet recommended I have her abort she could not carry. She was to small even tried weight gaining food. But anyways she is a great cat. She still acts as young as a kitten Maybe it froze her mind to that age. I am unsure but I have read in some threads they cen get pregnant right after. How many babies? I have two that are 8 days old. Do you know the colors of them yet. Again CONGRATS!
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Thanx!!! I'm really happy... Mini had 3 babies last month, they're grey, orange, and black. Milo's just pregnant a couple of days, I'll post pictures when she's given birth...
Yes, I just asked about spaying... I don't intend to breed but my whole extended family loves cats and they're all asking me for the kittens when they're old enough to part from their mum... So I'll give it another few months or so, and if I can't cope with the pregnancy every month, then I'll spay...
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MiloMini, while I can certainly understand that you want to populate your family member's homes with felines, here in the US, what you are proposing is called "backyard breeding". Unless your cats are pedigreed and registered with a legitimate registry organization and you are an experienced, responsible, ethical, knowledgable breeder well-versed in animal husbandry, what you are doing amounts to breeding simply to produce kittens. That should NEVER be the goal of allowing cats to reproduce. This is not something we here at TCS support, nor do we at all encourage it.

If your family members all want kittens, perhaps they could check with the local shelter or rescue organization where there are, no doubt, plenty of needy cats available for adoption.

I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision not to spay these girls. It just is the right thing to do in the circumstances.

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Like Gaye said please reconsider your decision on leaving these cats entire, it's not helping the already overpopulated number of cats in the world. If you want to experience the joy of birth, perhaps you could check into your local cat shelter about fostering a pregnant cat?
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I understand you are trying to do whats you think is right and no one will change your mind. You will need to see for yourself.You also have to take in consideration the diseases that the father cats may have. I am happy that you are wanting to raise kittens and that your family wants them but I would get them fixed after this liter. They can be very demanding. You may get lucky and have a geat litter. But there can be struggles. I live in town and there are so many cats that it is crazy. Everyone puts food out for them. then they multipy. Its sad becuase they didn't ask for that life. I have a litter now that a stray ran in my house and before i could find her and get her our she had kittens. I am happy that you have those 3 little ones. That great its what you wanted. I would love to see pictures though. I love kitties. But please take consideration on the mommies. Babies can be so demanding for her
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if you will not get them spayed at least keep them indoors please.
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So I'll give it another few months or so, and if I can't cope with the pregnancy every month, then I'll spay...
Im not trying to sound rude or anything, but if YOU cant cope with the pregnancy EVERY MONTH then you'll spay? What about your cats? You dont matter in a situation like this. Your cats are the ones whos health amongst other things are important. How would you like to have to have babies every two months??? They dont get a break! They mate, birth, take care of kittens, and it starts all over again! Why doesnt your family just go adopt kittens? There are enough homeless animals in the world! Is the only "excuse" that "Oh they dont want to pay $80 to adopt a cat???" Every baby kitten brought into this world costs so much more than that! Your family should go adopt kittens, and get them spayed or neutered. Love, happiness, and providing a good home for a needy animal has no price. The only reason they charge that much is for food to feed more cats and kittens that come in, and to get your cat spayed or neutered. Its definitely worth it to adopt, please maybe talk to your family about this option instead.
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I agree that you should get your girls spayed. When I first moved into the country, we got two female cats for the barn. We did not spay them, and had a lot of fun letting them have kittens. And we were able to find good homes for the kittens. It was very natural and very fun.

Well, except Spots first litter, where half of the kittens died. And the time one of them had kittens in the winter. We were not able to catch the kittens until they were old enough to come out into the yard and unfortunately they had already gotten a chill and they all died. Then there was the "last litter". The one really good Momma who always had healthy kittens, and who I planned to get spayed after her "this one last litter". Unfortunately she died about two days after giving birth, and the two kittens she had delivered died shortly after.

As cute as kittens can be, it is not worth the difficulty to your cats. And when the kittens die it is hearbreaking. Life is all about learning. I hope you stick around here at The Cat Site. I think you will learn a lot.

Congrats on your babies. You could still take Milo in to be spayed and protect her from possible problems with the delivery.
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