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Wayne hates my brother!!!!

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Hi Everyone: I have a pretty long story/question so bear with me....

I got Wayne my male cat about 3 years ago he literally walked into my house. Later I found out his previous owner left him when they moved. He was such a blessing right from the beginning. He loved attention and would sleep with me everynight. I was his primary care giver but I also lived with my Mom and Dad. (my Mom or I were the only ones to take of him) About 4 months ago I moved and my parents moved. We decided that it be best for Wayne to live with my parents, so off he went to my parents and he became an inside cat only!! (before he was outside/inside.... he was living outside for awhile so it was hard to keep him in) Anyway, he is converted to inside only and seems to be adjusting well. He is still friendly and loveable but has been mean to my brother. (My brother lives with my parents) Last night Wayne was laying in bed with my Mom and my brother came in the room and started to pet him. Not more than a minute later did Wayne jump up hiss and swat at my brother (causing a small scratch) he did the exact same thing about an hour later to my brother who tried to make friends with him again.... He has ONLY done this to my brother!!!! He hissed at me only twice, one when I was tring taking a bandage off him and the other time it was when I first moved him to my parents and I really think he was mad at me because I left him. I know it may sound crazy but I love this cat like he were my child and I always treated him like that, so when I left he was upset for about a week then got over it. Now when I come to visit my parents he sleeps with me and follows me all over the house.

So back to my brother???? I don't understand why he is doing this??? Does he not like my brother? I am really confused because my brother really tries to make friends with him. And this is not the only time he has hissed and swated at my brother..... does anyone have any thoughts???? Thanks so much, if you need more info please let me know!
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Originally Posted by Negs
I am really confused because my brother really tries to make friends with him.
Your brother may be trying to advance his relationship with Wayne faster than Wayne can adjust to. He's just trying too hard, as per your post. Ask your brother to just back off and let Wayne alone for awhile. Ask him to just wait for Wayne to approach him in his own good time. Then when he does, not to get too friendly with him too fast. Let Wayne dictate how much attention he's willing to tolerate. Or wants.
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It could also be that unknowingly, your brother is touching him in areas that feel good to Wayne, but are overstimulating him, thus the nasty response.
Most all cats love a scratch to the base of the tail, but I have two here that will hiss and bite after a minute of this.
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Thanks for the advice. I told my brother to let Wayne come to him on his own. Sometimes I really don't understand cats??? It's not like Wayne doesn't know my brother, when we lived in our old house he was around. It's not like seeing him is new or anything. Well, I hope this thing clears up...

Could it have anything to do with my brothers scent. I know sometimes cats are very aware of scents????
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I really don't think scent would be responsible for the behavior you described.
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