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Spraying Problem

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I read the stickies at the top of the forum, but they don't seem to be answering my question. My first cat (well, the first that is all mine ) Neko-Chan is my sweet little baby, my pride and joy Even though he is neutered, he still sprays because another young boy we had here for awhile was establishing dominance over the house. Even though the other cat has left, Neko still sprays possesively over a lot of things, especially clothing in my room. What is the best way to stop this habit, and to get rid of the odor so he will stop spraying there? Thanks so much for your help!!!
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Getting rid of the scent on the marked spots is the solution to the behavior. You need to get a black light to find ALL the spots that have been marked, and then clean them thoroughly and correct with a cat urine cleaner (not a household cleaner, not vinegar ... a car urine cleaner. see if the label says something about "enzymes"). Hurry!! Don't wait until he marks more places!!
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i have a question about this as well. sorry for hi-jacking your thread. our cat oscar ever since we moved has always been shaking his tail like he is spraying something. hes been neutered for i think a year or so. and hes been in the apartment now for a little over a month. is there a reason why he does this. he is always doing it not just once in a while.
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