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Check this out!

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If you live in San Francisco you might wanna check this out. Too bad Arkansas is so far away

From May 28 – September 11, the Cartoon Art Museum, located in San Francisco, presents: Garfield: Meow and Then, a look back on 27 years of the world’s favorite feline. The exhibit will feature a wide array of original artwork dating back to the strip's first year of syndication, covering classic themes ranging from Garfield's voracious appetite for lasagna to his well-documented hatred of Mondays. Patrons will see how the strip developed over time, as Jim Davis refined and developed his art style and the cast of characters. A variety of unusual and rarely-seen Garfield artwork will be included as well, including animation cels from the Garfield & Friends television series, advertising and promotional artwork, storyboards from television commercials, and a sampling of Garfield merchandise ranging from the most famous to the most bizarre.

For additional information contact the Cartoon Art Museum Directly at the following address:

Cartoon Art Museum
655 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) CAR-TOON
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That's neat! Several years ago I was in San Francisco for a business meeting and visited the Cartoon Art Museum. It was holding an Edward Gorey exhibit that was very enjoyable. The museum is not that obvious (if I remember correctly) but well worth the visit.
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I just adore garfield. It was my favorite cartoon growing up, and I guess for me it brings back memories. I still read it every sunday in the comics! I have season 1 of the original sat. morning cartoons on dvd.
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Hooray! another Garfield fan! I've raised 2 (my daughters), and now my grandson loves Garfield! I'm way overdue to go to The City; this will give me an incentive! Thanks for the info. Susan
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SFO is only about 90 minutes by air. I'm sure it will draw folks from up here too!
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Oh I wanna go! It sounds like so much fun.
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