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Wonderful website

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The photographer specializes in ferals and has quite an eye for them

Feral Images
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Magnificant pics. The cats all look so healthy and happy. What wonderous creatures they are. Thanks for that great link.
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wow! Great pictures!

I think I'll email him and offer a link exchange. If he agrees, I will be happy to make a feral cats postcards page.

There was recently a film about feral cats in Tel-Aviv on TV (local production). The director was trying to make some sort of statement on life in general, so he only depicted poor, sick and starved cats and put a lot of emphasis on cat fights and such.

On the one hand, people need to be aware of the rough life cats have on the streets, but I must say I was offended in the name of all the wonderful people who take care of colonies of well kept, healthy spayed/neutered cats in Tel-Aviv and there are many. The city of Tel-Aviv has a no-kill, spay and neuter policy and they are helping cat people so much! Neighbors who complain are offered free spay/neutering for the cats and they never ever hurt a cat, not even to relocate them.

Feral cats often get bad publicity as being dirty and sick - while this is sometimes true, I think it's also important to show what wonderful beautiful creatures they can be with the right care.
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