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What is your opinion on declawing cats?
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Tyler have a look in IMO, or are you allowed yet?, because thats where theres a thread on it.

A bad subject!!
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(I think you have to be an adult cat or higher to post in IMO.)

Declawing is a deceptive term. It involves more than the removal of the cat's nails. It is a partial amputation of the foot in which the first joint of each toe is removed along with the nails. Many cats have to learn to walk all over again. The procedure is very painful. If you are considering declawing your cat, please don't.
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It's wrong. For obvious reasons.
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Opinions on declawing are discussed in IMO, because it's too hot of a topic for anywhere else. Since there is a current declawing thread in IMO, this thread is now closed.
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