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Siamese and Giving Birth

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Hi, my name is Meghan. I am a Siamese breeder in Florida. I have a CFA registered cattery. I am a small cattery and about to have my first litter. I have a modern blue point female who was due to give birth a few days ago. Today she is at 69 days gestation. I know that the normal gestation for a siamese is 67 days. I am concerned because her kittens are not kicking as much as they where a week ago. She is very big. The vet told me that she is going to have at least six. This was at five weeks gestation. Does anyone know if the kittens are just cramped and that is why they are not kicking.
My breeder/mentor is on vacation and the vet said to wait until the 70th day. Does anyone know any safe and natual ways to induce birth.
I have done a great amount of research on the birthing of kittens and have not found the answers to any of my questions.
I have done everything by the book, but she shows no signs of going into labor. She has the choice of three nests, and I have taken her rectal temperature every day for two weeks. As of today the rectal temerature is 102F. I know that when the temperature goes below 100F she is going to give birth in 24 hours SHe is not trying to nest at all. She is not displaying nervousness, diging, or any of the classic symptoms of going into labor.
If anyone has any suggestions to naturally induce labor to prevent a C-Section please let me know.
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I am not entirely sure, but from my ventures around these boards, I don't think inducing labor is a good idea. As I'm sure you know, Siamese can go for up to 73 days without giving birth. If she goes past her 73rd day, maybe take her to the vet to see whats going on. And as for not feeling the babies, they don't move all the time. Lots of time when I was checking on my cat Tehya, her babies wouldn't move for quite awhile. I assumed that they were sleeping, or something like that. Hope that helps!!!
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Great news, Sarah gave birth to four healthy kittens. There were no stillborns or deaths in the litter. The babies were born this afternoon. They are all nursing and doing great. Sarah is a great mom, she did not need my assistance at all. Thanks for the help.
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Sometimes I think that posting to this board is the best way to get your cat to go into labor - that's what happened to me. I wrote a long, rambling post about my cat being overdue and about 5 hours later we had kittens (8 of them!!)

Good luck - and...pictures!!
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