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Job quandry! (long, possibly confusing)

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I currently work at beautiful, upscale salon and day spa, and I love what I do. I had to take some time off for the birth of my granddaughter, and to see her for what may be the last time until Christmas, and things have been different since then.
The woman I worked for before I went there, "C" (she actually sent me there) has closed her business and has been helping out in the capacity of an esthetician. The girl, "K" that was to work for me the last Saturday I took off fell ill was not able to do so, so C took the massages for her.
C had always told me that my boss would cheat me, and she was so awful to work for, but when she was too lazy to go in one day, she sent me, and I was hired on the spot for a permanent position. Now she is scheduled for massages when I am available, after assuring me she was no longer interested in doing massage there.
There is another place that C works that for some reason is always looking for massage therapists. C also says that this place cheats her and they treat people badly. She has proven to be a liar about one place, so I no longer have any reason to believe anything she says.
I feel that something is going on there behind my back, and I don't like it. I am considering taking my resume' to the other place, and seeing what happens. I know they are much busier, and they only use C because they have nobody else. Apparently massage therapists are notoriously unreliable, and do not like to show up for appointments. I am the kind of person that the more I have to do, the better off I am, so I feel that I have something to offer besides massage, a good work ethic. I am beginning to develop a small clientele where I am, but it would be totally unethical to take them with me from info from my current job, and I do not want the reputation of being unethical.
I am going soon to apply for a position as a teaching assistant and clinic therapist at a local college that is opening a massage program. Whatever I do now may be only until fall.
Should I just stay where I am and hope the job at the school comes through? Do I go to the busier place even possibly just for a short time? Or do I work at both salons if I can? (most therapists here either work at several places, or very little at all) Even if the job at the school comes through, I am assuming that it will be similar to the job I had at the school I attended, and could possibly even stay at an outside salon. The kicker to ALL of this is, once the school clinic opens and people can get massages from students for cheap, all of the salon therapists in town may be out of a job.
Any suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
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Well, I don't really know much about the massage business, but form what you have said in your post, I think the best thing may be to work at both places if that is at all possible for you, not to mention your family as well. If not, I would stay with the place you're at. While the other clinic may be busy, you will always have the pride and work ethic that you stayed with your main choice. Good luck with the jobs, I hope everything turns out okay!
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