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New cat on the block...

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What's up my fellow cat lovers? Since I already started using the forum before actually introducing my cats, I will now introduce my cats to you. My cats names are Bailey, Chester, and Missy. Bailey and Chester are both males, and Missy is female.

Bailey was my very first cat (since I was a kid). He likes laying in or on plastic bags, and he loves catnip. Typical cat. However, Bailey licks his daddy (me) on the nose when I hold him, he also bites my nose too (supposedly a kiss in cat language). Bailey loves to be pet and stroked, he also enjoys being brushed b/c he rubs his face against the brush. He liked to make messes with his now ex-water bowl, and he loves eating. He's not shy to speak up when his litter box is bad, and he's certainly not afraid to SHOW it either! Doh! I got Bailey from my mother's co-worker for free.

Chester was a cat I received from my brother, due to some trouble my brother got in. His original name was Corona (like the beer), but my girlfriend and I disliked the name and that's why we changed it. His name became Chester because his hair color (orange-ish) reminded me of Chester Cheetah, the Cheeto cat. Chester is a very playful cat. He loves toys, and he's always attempting new things, like seeing if he can jump on the top of my birds cage! He meows on the other side of the door when he knows I'm home and he can't see me. He meows when I am home and when he wants to be held or when he needs water. Chester loves water. I swear, he must drink more water than eat food! Chester likes to lay next to me in the home that him and Bailey share next to my computer in the computer room when I'm on the computer. He also enjoys laying in my lap and pressing keys on the keyboard when I'm typing or chasing the mouse pointer on the screen. Chester also does this funny thing... when he wants to be held, not only does he meow, but he'll stand on his back two paws and put his front two against my legs. He's one of the cutest cats you'll ever see! Bailey, don't be offended... you were my first!

Missy was another cat I received from my brother. She was actually living with my brother and I when we lived together. She was a very tiny outdoor cat when he found her. She moved with my brother when we went our separate ways, only to end up with me again. Can you tell that I love cats yet? Anyhow, Missy is very quiet and accepting of everything. Her current living situation isn't all that great, but it's the best I can do. She has to stay locked up in my bedroom b/c she is not spade, and my male cats are not neutered. Don't be mad at me... I will have this fixed shortly! Missy has bonded with me... I can tell because she now lays either next to me or between my legs at night when I go to sleep. She loves rubbing against my legs or sniffing me after I get out of the shower, and she loves the smell of clean clothes (she lies all over them)! Missy has a heart murmur, so when she purrs, she purrs. I have to limit her purring to prevent her from getting too excited... she coughs (or chokes) when she purrs for long intervals. I've grown to love her so much, that I'd be very sad if something happened to her. The vet said the heart murmur will shorten her life some... I think the vet said Missy has a class 5 heart murmur, which I guess is pretty serious. Aside from this bad news, Missy likes looking out of the window, she likes playing with her toys, and she loves when I'm ready for bed.

Those are my cats! I love all of them dearly!
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Aww, what adorable little furbabies!!! Glad to get to know you and your cats a bit better, good luck with Missy, I'll be sending good vibes her way!!!
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Welcome to TCS! We need more male cat lovers here, since our current ones are seriously outnumbered.
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Your furbabies are beautiful. Good luck to Missy. I am sure with a great kitty momma she with ok.
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Hello and welcome!!!
Sounds like you have some great and beautiful babies!!

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Welcome! I can tell that your furbabies are well loved!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you, Bailey, Chester and Missy to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your babies are so incredibly beautiful! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Beautiful furrys! welcome!
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