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Is this normal behavior after what Meanow's been through?

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Thursday morning we woke up to find Meanow with a scratch under his left ear that was oozing.We kept an eye on it and tried to keep it clean with warm compresses and medication I picked up from petsmart. By thursday evening it was getting ALOT worse but the vet office was closed so we had to wait until yesterday morning to take him. What happened was he had earmites and when he scratched his ear he gave his self a deep gash right below his ear and it became majorly infected. He had a puss pocket (excuse the description) the size of a golf ball which seemed to happen over night and came on suddenly. He was in alot of pain yesterday morning . The vet drained and cleaned out his infection and while we were there the vet gave Meanow all of his shots. He also gave us Meanow's antibotics "amoxi-drops" which he has to take 2 droppers full (2ML) twice a day, which he takes with no problem. What I am wondering about is his behavior....he seems VERY confused and "spaced out." Sometimes it seems like he doesn't know where he's at or who we are even though he played a very little bit tonight. He is a cat who purrs all the time but he only purred once today.He has to wear the plastic collar (bucket) around his neck to keep him from scratching, which he only wears it when we are not around to watch him and at night when we go to bed. He seems very unhappy even without the collar on. Did anyone else have any experiences like this after giving amoxi-drops or shots?If so how long should we expect this behavior to last? So far his infection is healing up really good Please let us know. Thank you
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It is probably not a reaction to the amoxi drops, but more to the visit at the vets which can stress any normal kitty out. The vet had to give kitty a local to drain his abscess if it was as large as you said and that stressed him as well. Also, add to it the satellite collar Meanow has to wear now which is bothersome and confusing. Kitty should be okay in a day or two, but if you are really bothered by the reaction then please call you vet. Having seen and handled the animal, your vet would be the one who would know if this is normal or not. Good luck!
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I agree, the amoxi drops really don't cause that kind of reaction. My guess is that he doesn't feel well, was stressed by the vet and needs some time to feel better. I would take him back to the vet if he is not feeling much better in a few days.
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