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I have 3 cats, 1 is outdoors half the time. I have never bathed them and never will. They do not smell and I've heard it's not good for them to bathe them too often. The only circumstances where I might bathe them is if they get into something really gross and need my help cleaning up.
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I have 2 kitties & I give them a bath once a month or so. Not b/c they smell (they never do) but it makes their coats oh so soft & they smell soooo good! I use a tearless cat shampoo. I get the water & towels all ready in the bathroom. Then bring them in one at a time. I get pretty wet so I always do both one right after the other. But I have a question. My older cat is an American short hair that isn't to short but it's dark. He has a dander that shows up very well b/c of the dark color. The vet said to use a conditioner. Has anyone ever used a conditioner on there cats fur? If so what kind?
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You can use any leave in conditioner for humans. I have found the best thing is just to suppliment thier diets with an omega 3 fatty acid. It puts and keeps the moisture in the skin especially if you bathe them frequently.
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I bathe my kitten about once a month. I started bathing him when he was 3 months old and he really does not like it but he doesn't really fight me and I can bathe him on my own. I guess if you start when they are young it should not be a problem. I bathe him because he smells so nice and is very soft after his bath not because he has an oder. I aslo use shampoo for cats that rinse very easily and that makes it eaiser too.
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I have to bathe my Sphynx MooShoo at least twice a month because he has no fur and the oil sits on top of his skin. He's getting used to it now. I actually get in the tub with him and face him away from me on a town so that I have more control and don't get shredded from him trying to scratch. It takes all of 10 minutes and he's out. I wrap him up like a little baby and pat his bottom. Then he's on his way smelling like a rose. My other cats I don't bathe. They're all inside cats so there's really no need to. Unless I show Maya Linn. Then she gets bathed as well.
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We generally do not need to bathe our LaPerms except for shows as they are extremely clean to begin with and since they have no guard hairs there is no dander. Excessive bathing would ruin their coat. As for our Norwegians, that is a different story. They shed so much and their hair is so long it requires bathing once a month although there are some Wegie breeders who claim to never have to bathe their cats. For the Wegies, we use a shampoo that brings out the best of their color which means different shampoos for different colored cats. Cats with a lot of white get a shampoo that really whitens the white, while torties get a completely different one. In the case of a long haired cat the secret is rinse, rinse and rinse again! You HAVE to get the shampoo out or you will have a real mess when the time comes for drying. Sometimes a tablespoon or two of vinegar in a gallon of water will help get the shampoo out by breaking it down enough to rinse out. The actual bathing is an adventure in itself as MOST cats hate the water and will fight you. It's best to draw the bath before introducing kitty as the sound of the running water may frighten him. Also, Donna and I bathe the cats together as it's much easier with two people. I perform the "death grip" (grabbing the cat by the scruff of the neck and holding on) while Donna does most of the actual washing. I do use my free hand to assist. Also, keep the cat's feet on the surface of the sink or tub as lifting them off it allows them to twist and claw, inflicting painful wounds! VBG A window screen on the bottom of the water gives them something to sink their claws into (instead of you) and can be helpful. Thoroughly towel dry before using the blow dryer and keep it on low, the idea is to circulate the air through the fur, not vaporize the water with it. Drying too hot can also frizz the hair, not a great idea if you are going to a show! We bathe our cats 2 days before a show to allow some extra time for additional combing and grooming, although with some breeds that may be too far in advance (Persians). Hope this helps.

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I bathe my cats often because I'm slightly allergic as is my boyfriend and I bathe them myself with a moisturizing/medicated shampoo to cut down the dander and I've found that the sink is my friend.. The sink is much easier unless you have a detachable shower head in the tub. The best advise would be to keep it quick and to the point.
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I haven't given any of my cats a bath before since they are outdoors kitties, but something I heard works well is if you use Soft Paws, then they can't scratch you up

You can get them at www.softpaws.com
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With 2 kities I should know this but I don't. What are Soft Paws??
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I bathe my cat in the kitchen sink. He is only 6 month old, small enough for the sink. Since he was 3 months old I have been giving him baths, so he doesn't mind them, and he love tricking water to play in.
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Soft paws are vinyl nail caps for your cat, so they don't hurt you or your furniture when they scratch. Your cats can still retract there claws like normal. You just use the adhesive that is included to fasten onto each nail, then when one falls off, you just replace it. They apparently last about 6 weeks.

Oh and they come in 5 colors, in case you have a glamour cat.
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I hardly bathe Jake anymore. Since I've been feeding him Iams and eukanuba, his coat feels nice and soft. I have seen those Soft Paws and I want to get them for Jake since they are an alternative to getting him declawed. I also trim his nails. One question, for those of you who have white cats, how do you maintain them clean? On Jake's white paws, sometimes you can see dirt on them.
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Thanks Fireshoes,
Can you get them for the back claws too? Also where can you get them? Surprisingly my little one kicks off with her back legs & scratches us more that way then with her front paws.
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LOL, clean white paws. If the white cats are indoors, they really dont get dirty at all. There is nothing you can do short of washing their paws all the time. They do make a special shampoo you can use to keep a white cats coat white. You can find it at most pet stores.
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Hey, I just noticed I turned 100 and I'm an ADULT CAT , also it's 103, my address.
Guess it shows how much I love this place. I've only been here a little over a month I think.:flash:
God Bless you,all my new friends
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Congrats!! Keep it up and you will end up like me..hehe. This place should be considered a controlled substance.
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Logan, try www.softpaws.com and yes, they do work for back paws too. I think you get 40 nail caps for $17. Let us know how they work!
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bathing cats hey I am having a problem I am not sure how to do this I am new
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Originally posted by Muf
bathing cats hey I am having a problem I am not sure how to do this I am new
Hello Muf, and welcome to the site! There is an article already on this site at http://www.thecatsite.com/grooming/bath.html which may be of some help to you. I also have an article on the A-Z's of bathing in my computer but it is a 7 page download. If you don't find what you are looking for or if you want my article let me know. Again, welcome to TheCatSite.

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I bathe my longhaired cats every now and then, usually I just plonk them in the sink (ignoring the winges and sad little mews) they're not too bothered anymore - they just like to complain to make mummy feel as guilty as possible! the more guilty they make me feel the more treats they get when I've finished! I even blow dry them with my hairdryer on the lowest setting with the cool shoot on, and voila! - a nice clean smelling little puff ball ready to get grubby again!(stuffing their faces with all the peace offerings I put on the floor!)

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