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Cat scared of her own reflection!

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So in follow up to my previous question ( http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...t=sudden+freak ) about Inca freaking out for no reason....

I think we've figured it out. She is scared of her own reflection - but instead of attacking the glass door, or going to investigate (!), she hisses and growls and occassionally attacks someone's feet.

She seems to be able to watch the mankey black and white cat outside with no problem - he's not in 'her territory' I guess. But clever-clogs here seems to think, like last night, that while sitting on my desk in front of my computer that, lo and behold, someone had moved ANOTHER desk, computer and cat just like her, out onto the terrace!

Just now I was watching her and she was sitting on the terrace, staring at the glass door for ages. I thought it would be ok. She would watch, move one paw, watch, more the other paw up and down, slowly blink. Seemed like she was making friends with herself (!?). But then suddenly she started growling, walking VERY slowly (like watching a really slow down movie!), and then hissed a bit. I went to her, and showed her the door and behind the door. ANd now she's fine.

They seem to be lasting a lot less time, so could it be she's getting used to it? Or figuring it out (doubt it!), saying that - how can I help her figure it out more.. anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks much - last night after attacking bf's feet, she slept inbetween his legs all night as way of an apology...! Awww...

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Just as a li'l followup (what, No ideas/help please!?)...

Today I was looking at some pictures that I took of Inca, she jumped into my lap to investigate. Saw the picture of her on my computer screen, and started hissing and growling!!

Goodness - my cat has no depth perception. It's not just reflections, it's any image of a cat. Just to test this theory, I left one of my cat magazines on the floor. The front cover had a lovely picture of a Bengal. It had writing all over the cover, as magazines do. Inca went loopy - attacked the magazine and wouldn't really calm down until I removed said magazine!

It's a darn good thing that we don't have pictures of cats all over the house...!

Anyone have a cat do the same? Did they get over it? I stuck a Feliway plug in into the front room yesterday so I'm hoping that has an effect eventually, but sheesh - attacking the magazine is just whacked!

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Maybe your cat has a mental disease? It could happen... think about.. cabin fever in humans.. maybe she wants to see another cat so much that she suddenly became aware of her reflection, and pictures of cats? Maybe you should get a kitten if she is your only..
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