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Is dandruff a sign of a health problem

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I was brushing Levi the other day (he loves to be brushed) & noticed he has developed a preety good case of dandruf. My question is should I be concerned about an underling health issue? My boys are on Neutro Natural dry food with the occasional Fancy Feast wet food treat (once every couple of weeks). I do have some waterless cat shampoo, but I'm not sure if that will help or make it worse? Any info would be appreciated. His coat has always been a little dry, but in the year & a half I've had him he's never had dandruff like this.
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Dandruff can be a sign of a health problem, which is usually caused by not grooming because they don't feel well. Then again, it could just be overly dry skin or skin that's too oily. In all honesty, having the vet take a look, might be a good idea just so you are sure.
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I agree a vet visit is a good precaution. Dandruff can be caused by a lack of necessary nutrients or vitamins in diet, lack of humidity, excessive bathing.

There are a number of more serious ailments that can look like dandruff like ringworm, mange, mites.

I would definitely take him to the vet and determine the cause in case it is something transmitable
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I third sa vet visit
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My kitty Lydia had terrible dandruff. Finally the vet gave her a supplement, which didn't do much for her. The folks at Petsmart were most helpful. Bathing makes it worse, brushing helps. But mostly its their diet. Lydia had just turned 1 yr. old & was pregnant (now nursing), so I still had her on purina kitten chow. Turns out it doesn't have anywhere near enough Linoleic Acid (nutrient they need for healthy skin & coats) also it has corn, which in inhibits the nutrients it does have, & makes them feel fuller & eat less so I switched her to Nutro (brand) Natural choice complete care for kitten - they also have for cat, seniors, etc. I also got her Linatone (brand) shed relief daily food supplement for cats. It costs more, but its much healthier, & I noticed a major difference in lydia's dandruff the first day. Hope this helped
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