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Covered or uncovered boxes?

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I've hear a lot of people say that cats don't like covered litter boxes, but mine do. (I think it's because my boys have a tendency to dig in the box while another one is trying to go.) I've got 2 covered boxes & 1 uncovered. The only cat that regularly uses the uncovered is my alpha & at that it's just once a day. So I was wondering what other peoples experinces were.
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My one cat won't use a covered box, so we buy the uncoveres with the litter protector ting so they don't kick it all over the floor
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I have 4 covered boxes and all of my cats use them. It's a good thing because my dogs just love kitty rocha.
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I have two covered litterboxes for my three, which works well for us. I've never used any but a covered box and in 12 years I've never had any problems.
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I've never tried the covered - just couldn't see me kits going into a small enclosed place with their smell! No mater how often we clean/scoop (twice a day) still can't be pleasant.
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We only have uncovered because I had a covered..and Loki......wouldnt use it. no way no how...nope he was not getting in it. but this is the cat..who stuffs himself into small spaces..go fiq
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I've never had a cat that would use a covered box.
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I so prefer the covered box as it controls the amount of litter the little ones will spray around the room
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I've somehow convinced myself that it will cut down on the smell. I think my cats like the covered box. I get the impression they like their privacy.
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I started using them because Levi is a high shooter & he was consistantly peeing over the side of the box. With the cover it all stays in the box & there's no mess on my floor.
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I've got Maine Coon males. It's very hard to find covered boxes big enough. In the past though, with other kitties, although I really never had any problems with them not using them, I noticed that _I_ was not as vigilant about scooping as I am with the uncovered. "Out of sight, out of mind" as it were.
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The boys don't have a specific type that they like. They use covered litterboxes at my house and uncovered ones when they visit my parents.

RoseHawke, have you tried a Booda Dome? They are quite roomy, even Sebastain (18 lbs.) can fit in it.
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My kitties have never been fans of the covered boxes! They have uncovered's.
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I have one covered and one uncovered litter box. My kiten doesn't seem to have a preference over either type. My older cat prefers the uncovered one, but will ocassionally urinate in the covered one.
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All of my litter boxes except one have covers. One cat won't use anything but the uncovered one (he is claustrophic and cannot tolerate being in a room with a closed door) and the rest have no preference. I had to vote for no preference in general in my household.
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Oscar doesn't care. I have a covered one just because he tends to play in the litter and make a mess EVERYWHERE!
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extra large uncovered , used covered when Kandie was a tike but found uncovered easier to clean
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We use covered - Small apartment and in winter kitty has to stay indoors 24/7
She doesnt always cover her stuff very well - she seems to scoop all around it, but not over it!!
We clean it out at least once a day in summer, twice in winter when she uses it all the time. I trained her to use it as a kitten so she has never known anything else since she came to us.
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I have one of each and they use them equally. I would have 2 covered ones if I could fit one in the bathroom where the 2nd box is, but there's really not enough room.
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My kid and half kid only uses a covered litter box.
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I voted no preference. Jamie originally had two boxes, one covered and one uncovered, and he always used the former. That's no longer in use. However, he'll use his box when the cover is off (e.g.,for cleaning). ZsaZsa will use either a covered one or an uncovered one, too, so she has his old uncovered one in the laundry room for the times she feels like hanging out there, and it's really cold outside.
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I have a preference...I'm not sure about my cat. But from his behavior, I'll go with uncovered.

I bought him a covered litterbox. As a result, when he goes, he always faces forward with his head in the opening. And doesn't move the litter around much beyond kicking it back. So that means everything is in one corner and it gets nasty really quick.
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I have two cats...almost 2 years old...We have only had uncovered litterboxes...but i want to get the Booda Dome...but my step-dad says no...he says costs too much or w/e...oh well...i will save up the money to buy it then!! but i think that covered would be better for the smell. My cats tend to scoop out the litter...ALL OVER THE FLOOR...
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I've tried both, and as far as I can tell, none of the cats seem to have a preference, but I, on the other hand, much prefer the covered boxes - Essie likes to fling litter everywhere, which is very messy with an uncovered box, and she will also tip an uncovered box completely over, too.
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Most definitely covered. I use Yesterday's News and even tho it does not have dust in the same way some of the cheaper suff does, I do not want my cats (my Siamese and two foster Sphinx) breathing it in. I also follow the rule of one litter box per cat plus one.
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Hmm, I think I voted wrong. I prefer covered, I don't think my cats care b/c all they use is covered. :o)
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I have a covered. It's the kind that has this little filter thingy, you turn it upside down and all the poop and clumped up littler falls into this little drawer type thing. It has an egg shaped ent, and Maya looks like a little astronaut in it
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Originally Posted by alainabug
I think my cats like the covered box. I get the impression they like their privacy.

exactly! that's what i think too. Actually I never thought of the fact that my new cat "wouldn't" use a covered box, i just got one and didn't think anything of it!
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