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Edit....Thurs.8:30: I just talked to Sadies Vet who said to put her back on her old diet, she should be fine. I'll keep a close eye on her to be sure she is OK.
I changed my kitties diet to quickly. Sadie has never had diarrhea before but she does now. It started last night. It was very liquid with a strong odor. She was hungry this morning & ate her pouch food for breakfast but she still has liquid stools. She is not dehydrated yet.
I transitioned her to a food that was to rich with fat...to quickly, she ate like a piggy during the day yesterday & really upset her digestive system. What is the best way to stop the diarrhea fast before she does become dehydrated?

When her stools are normal, I will back up to her old diet & change more slowly.
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I have always been told cooked white rice mixed with a bit of ground beef..like 80% rice and 20% beef. Give the kitty a bit of rice-water too (what you get from cooking it) She should be fine of the vet said it's only her food.
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Sadie is finally asleep. We did not get any sleep last night. She is a very tired girl...me too. I canceled my plans for the day & will stay with her until I am sure that she is stable.
Lilycurley ... Thanks for your idea about the rice & ground beef.
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for Sadie ... that also works with chn if beef isnt recieved well
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