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Jelly-like stuff on butt....

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*re-sigh* Yes, it's me again. The kittens are still having diarrhea after almost two months, and every darn possible medications. Last time, the vet gave me probiotics, because she taught it might have been that they had nothing, just problems to recover after all the antibiotics.
Now...I assume it isn't normal that after two days of probiotics, their stools are now closer to liquid then solid?! I swear, I'm going to have a breakdown really soon, I can't beleive they are still sick, I hurt so much for the poor little things!
Yesterday night, when I looked at Luna's (2 months) little butt, she had transparent Jelly-like stuff on it. It looks just as if I had put some vaseline on it or something. I don't know what the heck that was...but I'm calling the vet again. I just can't beleive it...I haven't had the courage to count how much money went to the vets these last months...
Right now, I'm feeding them white rice and special food...and some pedialite since last night, because I'm sure they are missing some serious nutriments by now. I'm so frustrated and sad! Just had to vent.
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Awww, the poor babies! I am sorry to hear you are having such a hard time finding out what wrong with your sweet babies.
Sending mega good health vibes their way and calming vibes to you,
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Thank you so much. I need the good vibes right now. I hate to be at work and to know them sick at home...
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sorry to hear its not going any better
Wishing all the best for your little furbabies - I hope they all feel better soon
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Thank you! So nobody heard of what might cause the jelly stuff on the butt? Could it be the probiotics?
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The Vet said I should wait a bit more because they've been sick for so long it takes their bodies more time to recover...I'll continue with the probiotics...
By the way slitty_kittay, that kitty in your pics is absolutely gorgeous!
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The jelly substance may be mucus, which to my knowledge results from excessive diarrhea. I have seen this frequently with kittens with diarrhea.

Keep up the good work.

I have found this link which may be of interest...

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Thank you so much for the link!! It gives me hope.:P I'll talk about that to my vet! Thanks!
PS. That black kitten in your sig, the biggest one (Eve?) she looks just like my little Luna! How precious!
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so sorry about your baby, i know how you feel, my kitten is also suffering from long time very loose poop, i also see mucus when he poops, he's on hills i/d dry, i'm giving him bene-bac for probiotics and nutri-cal high calorie food supplement, i'm seeing a little improvement, like you vet bills are sky high, good luck.
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Hello! Glad I'm not alone.:P I sure hope all of our babies combined will be better soon. Read the link provided a few posts up, it's nice to know it will probably go away on it's own.
The Bene-bac probiotics...I think that's what I got. Is it the brownish paste in a seringue? I'm so releaved I don't have to force-feed them the stuff twice a day! They lick it up on it's own! What a miracle!
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I am so sorry the pectin didn't work. I know you must be so frustrated. I would be worried too about all those antibiotics and stuff. Poor babies. A healing hug and kiss for each baby, and double for worried mom.
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Oh! I sure wished pectin would've work, it was very nice of you to suggest it....on the other hand, I might try again, to be honnest, I didn't try the straight in the mouth approach. Do you think the liquid pectin would also work?
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You didn't mention what it smelled like. If it's really, REALLY stinky, and if it's a yellowish or brownish substance, it might be anal gland secretion. Often the anal glands aren't expressed properly when a cat has diahrrea, because it's the bowel movement that causes them to express. That's why often we don't see it until a cat has a bm problem. Also, normally cats clean off the secretion themselves.

If indeed this is the problem, it should go away once your cat's bm is back to normal.
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