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just wanted to say hi to my friends

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hello everyone its been a while sorry i haven't stop by to see how everyones been doing i hope everyone out there is doing ok ive been so busy at work with all the tourist at the beach. Summer is here and lots of stuff to do
But i did want ya'll to know im thinking of you guys and hope all is well as soon as i get more time i will be back Im having a operation on my foot in september and will be home for at least 6 weeks so i know i'll have lots of time then (lol) well gotta run take care my cat friends


I have a little group of friends,
As dear as they can be.
I love them all, but sad to say,
Most I'll never get to see.

The only claim I have is that
When I feel sad, alone or blue,
I get on line, play wavs and chat.
And maybe find someone who feels it too.

They give love, support, opinions and such,
Which I can take or ponder much,
But... sometimes I round a bend
And Lo!! I'll make a brand new friend.

Feel bad, or sad or just plain sick,
Got an attitude or habit you want to kick?
"Its OK", your friends will say,
"We've all been there before,
A time or two, just like you".

We know the ups, the downs,
The highs, the lows,
The "I could strangle that so-n-so".
The pain and strain, of getting through
The leave-takings without adieu.

We've seen it all, the been-theres done-thats,
We've worn all the different hats,
That makes us each uniquely "us",
And when we want to make a fuss,
We come online and find the equalizers,
The friends, who become our sympathizers,
Who know, feel, wish, and pray,
When you both know there is nothing more to say,
But an online friend,
WILL say it anyway....
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Hey Rhonda! great to see you havent forgotten us though
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Hi Rhonda How I envy you at the beach all summer! Glad you stopped in!
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Helloooo! Hope you're all grand at that end! Good to see you stop by
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Hiya Rhonda! Nice to see you stop by.
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