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Springtime Odors?

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So over the weekend we had a really good bout of warm open-the-windows weather. Nice dry sunny days.

I woke up Saturday morning and was SURE I smelled cat pee. Now, having had a cat (now RB) who had some litter-box struggles quite a while back, I was a bit nervous. I went looking around the house trying to determine where the smell was coming from. Not Cosmo's box. Not that room. Not anywhere I could track down. I let it go.

Then Sunday we went out for eats. When we came home I again smelled what I was sure was cat pee! My husband also smelled it. I went on a more frantic search this time... under the beds, behind the couch, in the laundry baskets... looking and sniffing, looking and sniffing... but I couldn't "follow" the smell. It seemed to waft around and move... or something. In a huff, I again let it go.

Then Monday we came home from some errands. When we got out of the car but were still outside, I smelled it! It was in the air! I breathed a sign of relief and so did my hubby.

Now, could it be I have some particulary determined Toms around spraying, because it seemed "bigger" than that (not just confined to one area) -- or is there a specific kind of plant / flower / grass that smells similar to a subtle aroma of kitty urine?

Anyone know?
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Oh, I don't know the exact answer, but I'll bet there is a plant that smells like cat urine.

The college I went to had beautiful grounds (it was an arboretum). There were some beautiful, flowering trees with luminous white blossoms, to which everyone's first reaction was always--"let's go smell them!" But, when you got within twenty feet of the tree, you knew that sniffing any closer was not a good idea. The tree smelled like a combination of skunk and...other gross things. The walkway to my first-year dorm was lined with these trees, so we were treated to their stench every spring. Now that I think about it, it had a touch of the cat-urine smell. But I don't know what they're called--I never got close enough to read the nameplate.
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I had a stray male cat spray inside my window once =\\

Don't know about the flower though
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