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FeLV Research

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Hello everybody!

I am currently a senior at a university in Oklahoma and have to do a senior research project. I have chosen the topic of Feline Leukemia because I had two kitties die of this tragic cancer. I'm gathering some demographic/statistical information through a survey I have on the web. It is open to anyone who owns a cat, regardless if it has/had FeLV.

The site address is:

All help with my research is appreciated.
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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I have taken your survey! I hope you will stay with us at TCS
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Hopefully you got my survey. When I clicked "submit" it said the page is not found on the server.

I have pictures of Abigail, my cat who died from FeLv, but I don't have access to a scanner. If you'd like I could mail you a copy. Actually, I'm going to my mom's next week and she has a scanner, so nevermind!
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I got an error message when I hit submit, too.
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Me too!!
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Thank you all for taking my survey. I have fixed the error. When I uploaded the page to my server, I changed the filename of it, but did not change the filename for the redirect page once submitted. In other words, I got your surveys. If you know other people who might take the survey, please tell them, if you don't mind.

Thank you again!
Have a wonderful day.

PS - I have to share what my kitty Morocco just did. I have the front door open and she's really taking in the view. But as she was coming back through, she saw herself in the mirror and began to hiss. Ears back, teeth showing. Ha, she's so cute. She passes that mirror all the time, and each time she has to look and sniff at her reflection. She never has hissed though...
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Awwww i cant do it because i'm in the UK
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I took your survey too. Welcome to TheCatSite! Morocco sounds like a old is she?
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Sorry, I didn't mean to make it limited to just the states. I updated it so everyone can take it now.

Morocco will be two in August. He brother Tracks was one of my cats that contracted FeLV. He was white with gray faded points and a loving cat, he liked to lick your hand - all the time. He belonged to my brother and Morocco was mine, as decided by them of course. He began to show symptoms, tiredness, weakness, not eating, excessive drinking in late October/early November. He died soon after. He was one of a litter of five, three kittens I gave away. Morocco and Tracks weren't adopted, which was okay. I got to keep them. Now that I think about it...I should have kept those people's contact information. I could have checked on the other cats to see how they are doing. Morocco is just fine, thank goodness.
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Done it!, and it's on it's way to you
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Thanks to everyone who's taken the survey.

I'm currently creating one specifically for veterinarians. Do you have any suggestions has to the types of questions I should ask? I like input.

Thank you.
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Just wanted to tell you that I took the survey, and also dropped you a rather lengthy email, with a pic of my two FeLv babies, Tigs and Little Bit. Tigs is still with me, but I lost Bit in the middle of April.
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I also took the survey and also sent a long story and pictures of some of the cats I lost about 2 years ago. I'm looking forward to read your paper!
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Good going, Christina! Thank you for choosing this topic and devoting some time to it. Can you let us know the results and your grade?

RIP Beloved Freddie FeLV 2/11/03 - 11/9/03
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I submitted my survey too!
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