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Tiny orphan---advice needed

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I work at a golf course in the reservations office, and today, what should appear but a tiny little kitten, all alone by the maintenance shed. I've hand-raised a kitten before and all the other people in my office are morons and were trying to feed a 3-4 week old kitten cow's milk and tuna fish , so I took it home. No one else was willing and the manager was just going to put it back outside. So I took it home, have been trying to feed it KMR and it suckled about...maybe a tablespoon and that's all it's had since 1 today. He is very active...he has been playing with my hand as if it was another kitten. I have made sure he is warm and out of any drafts. I looked at his gums and they are nice and pink...pinched the skin at his neck to check for dehydration. He is actually in very nice shape...very clean...no fleas, not even any dirt except for a little around the nose, ears are clean. He grooms himself quite well. He is only about the size of my hand (not counting his tail) and my hand is about six inches from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger. His eyes are still blue, his ears are erect, he walks PRETTY well, but he still seems a little wobbly, his teeth are VERY sharp (learned that when he sunk em into me ;D).

Anyway...here's the problem. I live with my boyfriend and his mother. She doesn't like me to begin with, and today when she heard I was bringing home a kitten (for a NIGHT) mind you, she got all ticked off at me. She said that if the kitten is not gone by tomorrow, she will throw it out the door, and trust me, this woman is neither exaggerating nor kidding. I have a vet appointment for him tomorrow at 2:45. I cannot bring it home. The shelters in my area refuse to take a kitten because they are full already. The only thing I can do tomorrow is beg the vet to take him. I don't know what else to do...My bf's mother said she'd throw me out if she found it in the house tomorrow when she got home from work.

Do you think the vet will take it? If not, what can I do?
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Bless you for helping this little one. Wow his mother sounds just lovely

I am really not sure what you can do. Ask your vet about taking him. Ask all the others working there and if no one can ask if they know of any fosters who have room. Same thing for the shelters. They may know of fosters.

You seem to have a handle on taking care of this baby but if you do need anything look at this site. www.kitten-rescue.com

I hope others will come along with more ideas. Please keep us updated!
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Hey Firesign..there is another person from this message board called KTLynn..she also lives in NJ and may be able to provide you with some ideas. I'll PM her.

BTW..welcome to TCS.

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heh, u want to take a road trip up to ohio? cuz I would take it...hehe well good luck finding a place for it. Keep searching around for a shelter, check petfinder.com for shelters near your home. The vet might have some suggestions too, and tell him what this awful woman told you she would do to the kitten if you take it home.
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