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Offbeat Websites?

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I know how much some of us enjoy many of the more Off The Beaten Path type of websites, myself included. :tounge2:

I'd love to explore more areas of the Web, if I can ever pull myself away from here : so if anyone wa333333n.ts.33. dammit Rudy! anyway, if anyone wants to share some of their favorite sites, I think a lot of us would love to see them!

I'll post mine (or ask someone else to) as soon as I figure out how with my pc all messed up still.
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Hi ya Cleo :angel2:

Try this one....it's hilarious, but rude! www.jibjab.com

Make sure you click on the Rappin Presidents, great stuff. There's also some really weird sites, like www.purgatory.com or even www.hell.com...I was talkin' to a friend and they said they went there...I'm not into that kinda stuff, but it was definitely a site that was a bit more than I could deal with...:laughing2 Also, there's www.rotten.com...(serious weird stuff...bring a barf bag)even www.fugly.com (very strange looking people...I don't like these kind of sites simply cause they do their entertainment at the expense of others, but to be honest, I have laughed...then felt bad about it! JEEEZ!
Since I have no ideas what your interests are, (besides cats of course) if you give me an idea, I may know of some cool places that you might like. There's so many really cool sites, but it seems their webmasters didn't make it all easy for those that don't have a large amount of memory or good enough processor in order to watch or interact with the site.

Do you like to play games? There's a really fun site I could direct you to. I don't play, but my friend has a lot of fun with that and finds it very relaxing. Philip goes there alot too.

If your intersts revolve around web design, let me know and I can give you a ton of links for those.

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I remember one time at work me and some girl got bored, so we looked up siamese twins! Not only did it bring that up, but it brought up some weird stuff, too: There were people who actually had 3 legs, etc. There was a nasty picture of some women and men, though -- I cannot remember the term for it, but its where a twin, or whatever, but it had to do with Siamese Twins -- one died, but the body was still attached to the living person -- gross, too. Oh, and of course, they had the hairy people, too! I guess I will try to find it ......

I've heard of Rotten.Com, Cat ..... YUCK!

Ok, here is the link: http://bullseyedesigns.com/sideshow/...wins_intro.htm and it's called Parasitic Twins ......... Warning: not for lightheaded type!
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Thanks guys :
Some of those I've seen, and some are just too for me! :laughing2

One of my faves for when I just want something off the wall is www.killfrog.com ...I love the Ultimate Survivor series! :LOL:
And The Kat is pretty cool too...don't be offended though, its all a joke!
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