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Another cat crossed to the bridge today

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Well I just got off the phone with the director of the shelter I volunteer at. One of our cats had to be put down today. He was only 3, but the x-ray not only showed an extreemly enlarged liver, but the liver appeared to have a mass. The vet is doing a post mortim for free. Please everyone send good vibes to his brother Chase. They were very close & it's always touch & go about how they will handle the situation. I'm in tears right now. I just get so mad because no animal should spend it's last days in a shelter, it just never gets any easier. SO, Good night sweet Hunter, we wish we could have done more. We promise to take good care of your brother. See you over the bridge my Hunter Man.
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Thanks so much for caring enough to post Hunter here, hon. At least with you in his life, he knew some love, even if he was in a shelter.
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Poor Hunter. You are right, no cat should have to live out its days in a shelter. But if they must, at least there should be someone like you who works there. Someone who truly cares about each animal, as you spend time with them. Someone to honor them when they cross the bridge.

Best of luck to Chase. May he find a forever home to ease his loss!
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Godspeed, Hunter!! Go in peace to your reward, sweet prince and be assured that back down here we TCS members will wish & pray that your brother Chase finds a very special home that fills the void left by your passing. And blessings to the wonderful people, such as Rang1, who care so much for you.
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RIP Hunter. At least he was safe at a shelter where wonderful people like you work. He could have been in the middle of nowhere.
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I am sorry to hear about Hunter. I send positive vibes for Chase that he finds a safe loving home soon and his loss can be eased some. My thoughts are with you also, I know it doesn't take long to get attached to these lovely creatures. RIP Hunter
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Hunter knew you loved him bless you for that

he will be playing at the bridge in perfect health chasing those butterflies and waits for the day when he meets you again

until then... RIP sweet Hunter
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well I've got good news for Chase. He got adopted & I will be delivering him to his new home sometime this week. I am happy, but it has also brought up a lot of feelings. So I need some prayers for stength while doing this adoption. I realized last night that I feel very guilty for not noticing that he wasn't doing well. You see when my Smokey died I promised her that I would take a special intrest in grey kitties to honor her. It also makes me feel like Chase is somehow going on ahead of Hunter, when they should be going together. In my head I know the truth is that Hunter is in a better place & that Chase will be fine with out him, but my heart is sad.
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You are a special person to have cared for Hunter so much. And now that Chase has found a home, you can take comfort in knowing you did all you could for these special boys in Smokey's memory. It's always sad to lose ones we've cared for, but he knew he was loved - by you. As you said, he's in a happy, pain-free place now, waiting to greet Chase whenever he too is called to the Rainbow Bridge.
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oh so so sad
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Thank you for the update on Chase. After I posted, I didn't read the thread till today. How are you handling the adoption? You are so courageous to put your heart on the line in order to help these cats. I am especially touched that you made such a dear vow to Smokey. Bless you over & over for putting your love for cats into action! I am sure that Hunter is on the other side of RB nodding in agreement!
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