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"Shed No More" product for cats... safe? does it work?

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I just recieved an email from Fleameds.com about an item called Shed No More for Cats. Has anyone heard of this item? Does it work? Will it hurt my little Zero in any way?

Click here to go to Fleameds.com page selling this product

It sounds too good to be true, and I know there aren't regulations like the FDA for cats to control the safety of this kind of stuff. But man, if it could cause him to stop shedding (and be very safe for him), that would be quite nice!

Here is the type from the email that they sent me:

If dog & cat shedding is a problem, then we have a product that really works. We know because we have tested it our self on our cats & dogs. We were skeptical at first but if we are going to sell a product then we must stand behind it and make sure that it really works. I say within 2 weeks there was a huge difference in shedding on both the dogs and cats. We know because we brush them quite often to try to reduce the hair around the house. Within a month of use the excess shedding was almost stopped. The products are very easy to use and I must say they really do work.

For those of you who do not believe that shedding can be controlled then here is a chance to try what I say would be one of the best shed control products available on the market and is even Veterinarian recommended.

You can save 10% off these items now with this discount code: 6105

We also want to here from anyone who has used ANY of the products we carry. We are adding a testimonial page for every product we have in stock so you can find out what people think about the products before you buy them. We want to here the good and the bad if there is any bad. Please send any testimonials to info@fleameds.com and put testimonials as the subject. All customers who send us any testimonials will be entered to get a $10.00 gift certificate for anything on our site. There will be a total of 10 gift certificates given out. This promo will end 6-5-05. We want as much feed back as possible.

Frank B

Sorry I haven't been around lately, been busy! Miss you guys!
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Read the ingrediants most of them are soy based oils not a fav in my book.. what are you feeding?? see the oil helps them shed less and some foods have high levals that reduce shedding or if$$ is a concern try olive or canola oil
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So basically feeding oils stops shedding? Do they just make a regular food that does the same thing?
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look for high omega 6 and three sometimes listed as linolinc and linoleic( spelling is not a strong pt)... I use feline caviar but nutro is high in both lines and some royal canin are high.. look for over 3.00% of the 6 ... Fatty acids make the skin and coat healthy thus less shedding..
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( Nice to see you! )
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