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I am busy overdosing on puppy breath

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I would like everyone to meet Saber, he is 7 weeks old registered German Shepherd dog and a pure joy. Loves the cats (including the kittens) and has bonded well with both Mike and myself. Low prey drive, and just a love

This is his potty pen, he does not like being inside it and away from us

I got him a stuffed cow he loves it

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Oh my gosh! How adorable!! He sounds like a fabulous addition to your family.
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The last one pic MA He "died" next to the cow! ...Just kidding, .... awwww is soo cute!!
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Awww!! Congrats on the new addition, MA! He's absolutely precious!!
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He is so adorable! I want to steal him and bring him home with me! Congratulations!
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Welcome to the family Saber doggie!!

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Hello Saber! What a cutie!
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Saber is a sweetie!
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Oh what a sweet baby!!! Congrats on the wonderful new addition, MA and family!!!
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Awww... so cute!
He sounds like an angel. Congratulations!!

I'm so jealous... I wish I could have a puppy too!
Some day... when I have enough time and room...
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What a cute chubbster he is. For only 7 weeks old, he seems huge.
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Congrats on your new puppy and I'm sorry that rescue didn't work out for you.
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Ahhhhhhhh........the sweet aroma of puppy breath (and puppy poop! LOL). What a gorgeous little guy he is - complete with the little budda puppy belly. It seems just like last year when mine were that small......

I don't envy you the housebreaking part of puppyhood. Congratulations on a wonderful addition to your clan!!
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Actually, he is housebroken already! I am amazed at how smart he is- and how obedient for his age. He is doing remarkably well with us and not paying attention to the kittens or the cats and does not let the horse intimidate him-
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WOW, MA! That's a pretty together pup!! And what a sweetheart!
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He's too cute!

I love the last pic where he just passed out after working so hard at playing!
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What a beautiful little puppy! I want a German Shepherd..someday, when I'm not a busy student anymore. :p How lucky you are that he's already housebroken! We're still working on it with my roommate's puppy of 4 months. :o Congratulations on the new addition to the family!
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Oh what a gorgeous little pup!
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Oh look at him!!!
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Welcome to the family, Saber!What a big step for you, MA! He's such a pretty little boy!
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Awwww, what a cutie!!!
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He's one lucky pup, and one handsome one too!
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Saber is SO adorable! What a smart little guy, too!!! That's awesome that he is getting along so well, already!

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German Shepherds are by far my favourite dog. I just love everything about them. I noticed his ears aren't standing up yet. I remember how comical my Liebe looked when her ears started standing up. One day, one ear would be up, and the other would be down, the next day it was reversed, and some days the ears would be partially up making her look like the Flying Nun. Your little guys is just adorable.
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He is truly adorable, I am so happy for all 3 of you
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Thanks guys, we had quite the scare yesterday. I put him in the holding pen outside when I work with the horses, because he is so clumsy and young. I was out opening the pasture gate with the two horses behind me, when all of a sudden I heard Vader (we changed his name) screaming! I whirled around only to discover him under Trav's hoof! Trav startled, and stepped away and stepped on Vader's belly and vader quit squealing. I moved Trav quickly off the puppy picked Vader up and rushed to the vet. They x-rayed his hips, back leg and stomach and found no visible signs of trauma. No hairline fracture, no rupture. All the way to the vet Vader had his front paws wrapped around my arm and wouldn't let go.

The vet said we were damn lucky and that two things played in our favor, the soft ground and the fact that my horses go barefoot. Vader seems fine today, we have been watching him like a hawk and we found out that he moved the fence with his teeth until he bent it enough to get out, then ran running out to see his "mom." I feel so guilty about him getting hurt, and we have since staked down the fencing all the way around to prevent future incidences like this from happening. I was so scared for him- and I am monitoring him closely to see if he is really okay- He could use your good thoughts-

After yesterday and his courage we decided Vader is a better name for this fiesty puppy-
Here he is meeting Prowler up close and purrsonal-

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OMG! How scary! I'm so glad little Vader is OK, but I'm still sending healthy vibes his way.

Prowler doesn't look all too sure about that big clumsy cat that joined the household...
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Oh thank heavens he's okay, I'm already in love with his sweet face. Sending be well vibes his way.
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MA it's one of those things, but i know that i would be feeling the same way The main thing is he's been checked over and he's ok

That rain comes in handy after all huh?!

Love his new name as well! he looks so innocent in that picture with Prowler What was Prowler like being up close like that?
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Oh I know you had to have been just terrified. I'm so glad he wasn't hurt by it. Yeah, I know from experience German Shepherd puppies can be a real hand full, but they are such wonderful and beautiful animals.

I'll bet he will be a little bit more careful around the horses from now on.
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