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My babies!

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I used to post a lot here, but haven't been around in a few months because I've been really busy - I'm back now, so thought I'd share some new pictures of my babies since it's been awhile!

Henry attacking a toy bunny my mom gave me for Easter (it 'hops' and wiggles its ears and nose).

Meeko hangin' out in his favourite place, his bed up on my desk ($150 on a cat tree and they all prefer to climb on my desk ).

Henry wanting Meeko to play with him.

Okay, I take it back, they do use the cat tree sometimes.

Essie, hanging out on top of my printer - one of her favourite places for some reason.

Meeko and Esmeralda are best friends.

Handsome Henry.

Phineas relaxing up on my desk.

This is how we sleep every night (my mom took this early in the morning when she was visiting me - yes, that's the top of my head ), except usually Henry's in there too.

Whoa, way more pics of Henry than anyone else, for some reason, hmmmm - I'll have to rectify that. Thanks for looking!
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oh my gosh!!! they are so cute! My favorite pictures are the one with Meeko and Esmeralda all cuddled up!!! What a sweet bunch you have! Can't wait to see more pics!!!
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Thoes are some sweet kitties! Thanks for sharing! I love how they all sleep with you!
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What a brilliant pics!!! Awwwww the bunny is soo cute
i want to give a big hug to your babies!!!
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Oh they're so wonderful! Great pictures!
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Great new pics, Kylie!! Your kitties are such sweeties! Thanks for sharing, I love the pics of Henry!!!
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Some great shots there - thanks! Your furbabies like to be up high by the looks of it!
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Wonderful pics! Your babies are so cute!!!
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what wonderful fur kids! My 3 send belly rubs
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Great pics!! My Tiggy thinks your Henry is quite handsome! LOL
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Great pics!

But I have to tell you...you're wrong about one thing. See, you think you have desk, but you don't. They have a really cool kitty tree that they let you put your computer stuff on!
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