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Prayers for beautiful Persian, Fudge, please (long, sorry)

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I'm posting on behalf of my sister who tragically lost her 5 year old beautiful red Persian on Monday. She heard him coughing and stretching his neck out, as though he was trying to get rid of something. This continued for about an hour and a half, before she thought, to be on the safe side, she had better phone the emergency vet (Monday was a Bank Holiday in the UK, and there was only emergency cover).

The vet agreed to see him, she took him in, the vet said he had a swollen sore throat and swollen glands. He gave him an antibiotic injection, an anti-inflammatory. He then said he could, if she wished, give him a brief light anaesthetic and have a proper look to see if there was anything lodged there, or she could take him home and see how he went on. As it was a holiday she thought she had better opt for the GA and throat exam, she was afraid of him going home, getting worse and a vet not being available. She held him while the vet put the needle into his front leg and Fudge fell asleep.

The vet took him off and returned minutes later, saying he couldn't find anything at all and Fudge was beginning to come round. However he didn't come round properly and started making squeaking noises. The vet opened his mouth and his tongue was blue. He rushed him back into the other room, gave him oxygen and mouth to mouth rescusitation (sp?) but he couldn't get him back.

My sister took him home devastated. My Dad wanted to bury him for her, but she wouldn't let him, she couldn't accept that he had gone. Later the vet phoned her again, saying how sorry he was, he couldn't get what had happened out of his mind and he was really upset. He asked her to take him back and let her do a post mortem, because he felt he had to know what exactly had happened. He hasn't charged at all, for any treatment, or for the PM.

After the PM he told my sister that his heart had been 100% fine. It appears that his larynx had gone into some sort of spasm as he had been recovering, closing his airway so that he couldn't breathe. He found a piece of straw in there and said that it had tragically been just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My sister is really beating herself up over this. Understandably she's inconsolable, but also blames herself for agreeing to the anaesthetic (she says she shouldn't have rushed into it, but taken him home and maybe the grass would have moved of its own accord). She's also haunted by the fact that Fudge's last conscious memory was of her holding him down, while he struggled as the vet tried to get the needle in.

She has another Persian, Fudge's brother. The vet advised her to show him Fudge's body so that he would understand he had died and not search for him. She got my Dad to do this as she couldn't bear to do it. She called their breeder for someone to talk to, and the breeder was upset and sympathetic and has offered her the choice of 2 young adult female Persians, (for no charge) as a companion to her remaining cat, obviously when she has got over this a bit. But she's worried about this happening to her other cat, Ben, and worried about taking on another Persian, in case it, or something similar happens again. She's heard that Persians can have breathing problems, because of their flatter faces and wonders if this contributed to Fudge's death. Can anyone reassure her on this or are they susceptible to breathing problems. Sam, I know you're very experienced with Persians - have you ever met this sort of thing? Or was it just a tragic, freak accident?

Fudge was a truly beautiful cat. He was brushed almost daily and my sister lavished loving care and attention on them both. She is single and lives alone, so her cats are her babies. He was in the prime of life, so healthy and incredibly affectionate. That he should suddenly be dead in hours because of a stupid piece of straw seems so pointless, such a complete waste. Such a trivial occurence with such tragic consequences.

I'm sorry to ramble on for so long. But I love my cats and know how hard it is to lose one. But to lose such a beautiful animal, at only 5 years old, to a blade of grass seems crazy and senseless.
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Oh, how sad for your sister. And what a phenomenal vet she has! I would have done the same thing, to go the extra step to try to save the cat. She cannot punish herself. I doubt the piece of straw was going to work its way out, or it would have already done so. I think it was just a freak accident.

As for Fudge's last memory, it was of his Meowmie doing everything she could to keep him safe. Over the bridge, he understands.

If she would be comforted by a new kitten, she should definitely take one. If now is not the time, at least keep that breeder in mind for when she is ready. She is lucky to be affiliated with such a caring generous breeder.

May her heart heal by talking to you. Maybe she could come online and read some of the posts here. It has been a great comfort to me!
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The modern fact Persians can have breathing problems, as their noses can be very small and their faces are so flat. This, however, sounds like an accident as any cat can get a straw stuck down his or her troat.
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I am so sorry that your sister has had to deal with losing Fudge But, you should assure her that just because these things happen, doesn't mean it should stop her from being able to give another kitty a loving home. It sounds like she really loves and takes care of her cats, and it would be sort of like a living memeorial to Fudge and everything they had shared. Fudge will always have a special place in her heart, but maybe a new kitten is what she needs to overcome his tragic death. Hope that helps...
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I'm so sorry about Fudge's unexpected death. It is a terrible tragedy. I will pray for him and for your sister.
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Thank you all for your kind wishes. My sister is still desperately upset. I would like her to come and read the messages here, and perhaps visit the other bereavement sites, which helped me when I lost cats in the past, but she only has very limited access to a computer at work, and she's off work at the moment. She won't go out of her house for very long, only essential things, as she doesn't want to leave her other cat on his own.

I still can't believe it myself. He was so young and healthy and absolutely beautiful.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Fudge!
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Sam, this has left her worried about having another Persian. Have you ever heard of anything similar happening? Are Persians prone to breathing problems, sudden or otherwise, because of their flatter faces?
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I am so sorry about Fudge. Your sister should not beat herself up about having the doctor go the extra step. I am sure most of us that love our cats dearly would have done the same. My thoughts are with you and your sister.
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I am so sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Fudge. My heart and thought go out to you and your sister. RIP Fudge.
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I'm so sorry for your sisters' loss of Fudge, but she must not blame herself! She did the right thing by trying to help him instead of waiting; for some reason beyond us, Fudge was needed more over the Rainbow Bridge. I hope she comes to realize her remaining cat needs a new companion, and that she should get one of the free kittens being offered. Yes, Persians ARE prone to breathing problems -- but it did NOT cause Fudge's death. My deepest sympathy to you & your sister.
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sorry for your loss
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