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Feral Kitten Question

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I already have five grown cats and I recently found two stray kittens. I was only going to keep one (which I really shouldn't do anyway since I have five and live in small apartment), but now I'm wondering if the one kitten will be lonely without a playmate. Will it be horrible if I only keep the one? Please advise.

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Kittens do better together it's true, but what the group I volunteer for does is if someone only wants one kitten then they must already have other cats for him/her to play with. Which you do. I assume you will adopt the other kitten out? I would recommend looking for a home that already has a cat or two in it then for that kitten.
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I am actually working with an organization that is going to take the kitten (and also trap the mom and spay her). The lady was going to take the 2nd kitten when I first called her, but they are so content together and they keep eachother quiet that I said she could stay for a little while.

I just feel so horrible giving away the 2nd kitten. If I don't stop, I'm going to have a 100 cats. I wish I lived on a farm and not in the City. What gets me is wondering if the cat is OK, if it has a good home, etc. All my cats are stray cats that I have taken in.
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I foster kittens, so I understand it is hard to give them up. But maybe you want to give them both up and try to find them a home together? I know that is hard, but it's another idea.

It's hard not to see yourself as a better alternative than a lot of people out there, but there are good people out there too. Maybe the kitten will be better off in a home with less cats?

Good luck, I know it is hard.
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Oh, you are a softie! You definitely are among friends here at TCS! You already have 5 cats, and the question is do I keep one or two kittens!?!

It is very hard to give them up. If you decide to give them both up, as EatRawFish suggested, I am sure another needy kitty will worm its way into your life soon!

Welcome to TCS. Like I said, you are among friends here!
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