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Jamie's brother is dead

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Quintus, Jamie's "youngest" brother and littermate, is dead at 6. He supposedly died of cancer, but since his owner is being so vague about the details, we (his brothers' and sister's families), suspect that he was killed. A great number of cats have recently disappeared in the part of the city where he lived, and some were later found dead. The entire litter was adopted out with the understanding that they'd be kept indoors, and his owner may have decided to ignore that proviso. Not that it makes a difference now. Poor little Quintus! I always called him "Joker", because one side of his face was white, the other black.
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RIP sweet boy!
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That is sad. Especially if it could have been avoided.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet little Quintus.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Poor guy was just too young to go over the bridge. I remember seeing the pics you had of the tuxie litter, what a striking bunch of siblings. I am sorry you lost one!
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He sounds like a very handsome fellow; Jamie certainly is. Whatever the circumstances, at least Quintus isn't suffering any longer. He's happy and healthy again, playing over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Run and play at the bridge sweet boy, hugs.
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RIP at the bridge sweet Quintus
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I'm so sorry Tricia. Thank goodness Jamie went to a home where is he very well taken care of. RIP Quintus, little Joker face
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Poor baby. May he RIP
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I am so sorry to hear this Tricia. May he be happy and healthy on the RB.

RIP Freddie 11/9/03 and SiSi, never forgotten
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That is so sad
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:'( that is really sad :'( so so sorry
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I´m so soorry to heard that Dear Tricia.... Poor Quintus... you has my thougths today and my broken heart goes to you ....:balwing:
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I am so sorry to hear of this loss, it scares me too. I have a litter of little ones that I have to adopt out (because I now have 11 in the house). I am so afraid that they will not go to people that will love and care for them like I do.
My heart is with you.
RIP Quintus.
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Aw I'm sorry to hear this!
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