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Worried cat owner

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Hi everyone I hope someone can help me. I'm concerned about my cat Jessy lately her stomach has seemed to grown quite a bit at first I thought she might be getting fat but people have started to say to me she might have a tumour, but to me she doesn't look in pain. About 3 months ago she did have problems with her legs because she couldn't stand or anything but that heeled itself after a few weeks. Can any one tell me what the symptoms of a tumour is?

I hope someone can help


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Your cat should see a vet and let him/her decide what the problem is.
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I'd imagine that a fat tummy would look very different from an abdomen tumor. Does your cat look fat elsewhere? In combination with the leg problem you mentioned, I would find this very worrisome. I would really take her to the vet as soon as possible. If you are worried about the costs, either call your vet and try to work out a deal (a payment plan or discount), or find a low-cost clinic in your area. These can often be found by calling a local humane society, or, if you post your location, I might be able to do some Go0gling. Please report back. Good luck!
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Zoe, I'm surprised you didn't take your cat in months ago when "she had problems with her legs and couldn't stand". That's a serious problem, and your cat was VERY lucky that it seemed to have resolved itself. Now it appears that she's got another potentially serious condition, which may or may not be related to her previous inability to stand. No one on this board is a vet so we can't tell you for sure what could be wrong or what the symptoms of a tumor are.

Please take her to a vet for a thorough check-up ASAP. It's the only way to find out what is wrong.

Good luck.
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