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Idea for a new Forum

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i know this is a Cat Forum, and everyone here loves to talk about their cats, as do i ! but, would you consider a more personal forum, that is just for communicating about every day things, and getting to know each other ?

perhaps you already have thought of or this has been spoken about already, but, i thought it might be nice, seeing as how when i've seen people post in the " Cat Lounge " about things that arent necisarily Cat-Related, they always say, "...i know this isnt cat related..." or something along those lines.

i also noticed another moderator talking about everyone d/l'ing icq for a more communicative outlet, so, i think adding a new, more personal forum might also be a good idea.

what do you think ?

(thank you for your wonderful site Anne, and forums, i really enjoy it here.)
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Thank you Katie - I'm glad you like this place and I'm really glad you joined us.

Actually, the cat lounge is supposed to be just that place you're talking about I try to encourage posts about non-cat issues. You can talk about anything you like there, even if it's not cat related (in fact almost all cat-related posts should go into the other forums )

Maybe the forum description isn't clear enough? It says:
This is the place to relax and get to know each other. You can tell us about you and your cats, but you can also talk about anything else you like. New members, please come in and introduce yourselves!

Do you think it should be changes? I'm always open to suggestions.

Thank you for your feedback!
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(smacks head) ! i didnt realize the cat lounge was that kind of forum ! simply because its mostly discussions about cats in there ! hehe

i failed to read the description !

maybe it isnt specific enough, or maybe not, as it's still a good forum title, as it keeps with the cat theme (of course) but then again thats the same reason i thought it was only about cats !

i saw a thread about a woman becoming a grandma in there too, and she said something like, " i know this isnt cat-related, but... " so, i just assumed all/most threads were about cats.
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