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Some of the hawthorn elephants may go to circus...

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I'm trying to encourage everyone I know to write letters to the USDA and their senators about this issue:


Basically these elephants have been abused most of their lives. Things were looking good when the USDA seized them and the Elephant Sanctuary in tennessee was working hard so they could take them all.

Except now they want to send a few of them to this breeding program that is owned by the Carson & Barnes circus. I'm sure everyone has their own opinion about the circus, but why are we sending these abused animals to breed so that their offspring can be in the circus? How does that benefit either the species or us? It just makes Carson & Barnes money when they can make a baby elephant part of the show.

Carson & Barnes also has paid several fines for violations, AND their first live birth elephant, Jennie, started working at the age of 16 months and died of herpes at the age of 5.

I really think ALL the Hawthorn elephants should go to the Elephant Sanctuary.
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What a sad story Sara!! I hope they can all go to the TN rescue as well. Why can't they take all of them? Is it b/c of funding issues? Is there a way to send them a donation?
I do not hold circuses in high esteem for this very reason. I know so many of the animals are abused or otherwise mistreated
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Actually the Elephant Sanctuary IS prepared to take them all - in about three months. They are currently finishing up a huge barn for them. Which is what is so purplexing to me, they could send them ALL there if they just wait a few months. And they are herd animals, so being together is important. Furthermore, these animals have been locked up for months and months, why are they in a hurry now? I really don't understand the motivation, which is why I am going to write my letter later today.

If you are curious, here is their main page www.elephants.com (you can send a donation through there if you want). I research any place before I give them money, and these guys are one of two accredited elephant sanctuaries in the US.
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My dad had a great fascination with elephants his whole life. He asked that when he passed away, that donations be made to the elepahnt sanctuary instead of flowers. We did that, but I do not know how much they got. I know a few people did it.
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