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Bleeding... I'm a little nervous...

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The other day I was cleaning the litter boxes and noticed blood. It was fresh and more than just a drop (which would make me think someone had played too rough and got scratched or bitten).

Of course, this made me nervous. I did some "inspecting" and figured out that it was my Oliver who was having the "problem". He's acting like he feels just fine and I've not noticed any blood since, but just to be safe, he's going to the vet today.

I have to say that I'm nervous! I'm convinced that he's probably just got a scratch or a tear of some kind because the blood was so fresh and I've not seen anymore. But still...

Has anyone else had this happen?
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Good for you for getting him checked out, it's always the best way. Please let us know how it goes, I'll be thinking of you both
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Thank you! I'll let you know what I find out!
It's probably good timing because I switched vets this year and Oliver is behind on his shots. Sigh. Kitties are expensive!
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Tell me about it. Before Moss was tried with vitamins he needed his fur done, wormed, teeth descaled, booster and nails. It came to about £110!! Least I don't have to buy him litter anymore!! They are worth it tho!!!
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They ARE worth it.
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How did it go?
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Well, the vet did a thorough examination (poor Oliver) and everything's apparently fine. They couldn't find any traces of blood in the stool sample. The vet went so far as to put on a rubber glove and give the poor little man a "rectal," but she didn't find any blood then either. She said that he most likely just had a rough movement or a little kitty hemoroid.

While I had him there, I got him caught up on all of his shots. The vet stresses him out so, but I'm glad I took him. The peace of mind is worth the half-hour of nearly crying while he's there. I have a rough time at the vet. lol
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That's really good news that it's not serious. I'm so pleased it's all sorted out. Tis a worry tho.
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