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Did anyone see

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Celebrity fear factor?

I missed it and I'm kicking myself over it. I really wanted to see it.
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I have it on tape but I haven't watched it yet. I saw a preview of Donnie Osmond covered in worms, or something, and it looked really good!! :LOL: I will watch it this weekend!
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I actually watched it because nothing else was on. I don't like that show very much, but here I am watching it :laughing2

I was disappointed in who won, though. But I won't give it away.
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:LOL: I have yet to watch that show because I know I'll have nightmares for years to come. I think they cover all major phobias don't they?:paranoid2 :paranoid3 :laughing2

I love the Weakest Link though; admit it. Who wouldn't want to have that woman's job just for a day? :LOL:
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I didnt see it, but I saw Rosie O'Donnell talk about it.

Yeah, I watch Rosie, its one of those shows you can half a$$ pay attention to while getting ready for work! :laughing2

From what she said, it sounds like a pretty good one!
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I saw the last like 10 minutes of it. I saw that it got down to Kelly Preston & Coolio.

I would have liked to have seen it from the beginning though
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Oh Darn!!! I love Fear Factor!!! Still, maybe that celebrity one is not on tv over here yet.....I'll have to keep an eyeball out for it....
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I watched it all of it!! It was really good, but the bug thing totally grossed me out.

David Hasselhoff was the first celebrity kicked off. They had to stand on the top of a bus and collect flags while the bus was driving fast and trying to throw them off!

Than they had to stick their heads in a plastic box. Just their heads. Than they dumped millipedes, centipedes, and scorpions on them. They had to sit there for 3 minutes. The bugs were biting
them and trying to go up there nose and in their mouth. Icky!!!
They all completed that one. China (Chick from wrestling) had a scorpion right across her face, just sitting there.

The last challenge was some 100 feet in the air they had to walk around a beam. Whoever made it around the quickest won. John Travolta came to wish his wife good luck, but she still lost. Coolio won. I didn't really want him to win. He was talking about how there was no way he'd be beat by a woman. Blah Blah Blah. He was annoying that's all.

I love that show!!
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry but that is soooo funny that David Hasslehoff got booted off first!!!! Sorry I know Im mean and lots of respect to him for even doing it....but ....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! (Just call me Mrs Evil....)
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