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What's the difference between..

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Cat food pouches and good old tinned food? Apart from the obvious . Moss can't eat Go Cat pouches but likes the tinned kind. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the tinned food anywhere, it's all pouches, pouches, pouches!! They work out more expensive then tins too. The only good thing about them is you know you're giving your cat the right measured amount.
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I've no idea really?!. I give Rosie and Sophie the small tins of Petite Pate, but just the other week i bought them a couple of tins of Marks and Spencers cat food which are bigger tins and a bit more expensive but they love it!!

It's the luxury tuna and the luxury pilchard which are both in a lobster jelly.
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Do you feed your cats different food then? Moss seems to like Go Cat one minute, then Whiskas, then Felix. He gets bored and won't eat what I get in for him so I chop and change all the time. We've never had tummy upsets or owt tho. He also tends to lick all the jelly or gravy off and sometimes leaves the meat! Is he weird and wonderful or what?!!
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I don't give them Felix or whiskas for that reason, licking the jelly and gravy off and leaving the meat but i find with the Petite Pate and these ones i tried them with from M & S they eat the lot because theres more fish in them, in fact the ones from M & S looks good enough for a human to eat because theres chunks of fish in!.

I mainly feed them Purina One dry kibbles, but like to give them a bit wet food in the mornings. It used to be on an evening also but the vet said they have to lose a couple of lb
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Ohhh I'm going to try the food you've said about, it sounds great . Moss is a rescue cat and I think in the rescue centre they fed him what they had in so it was different every time. We had him as an indoor cat for a year and fed him indoor kibble but he does like his jelly and gravy. He has about a tin of tuna once a week or fortnight and shares hubbies prawns too. He has a good appetite that's why I could never understand why he just licks the gravy and jelly off. We discovered the Go Cat pouches peices were too hard for him, yet he loves his biscuits!!
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I would try them, and i bet he does love them because Rosie's a little fuss pot when it comes to wet food but these ones she eats the lot!.

Moss may not eat the pieces because it's not proper meat or fish and mainly animal parts
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That's ace info.. you're great!! Bet thats what it is!! So, do you feed a can of this Petit Pate a time then?
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I've just checked out the Hi Life wesite and some says complementary food and some say complete. I wanna go for the complete don't I?
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I give them one tin each a day.

Let me have a look at the tin when i get home to make sure which one?, i'm leaving work soon but i'll be back online straight away to let you know.

What i will tell you though is to send them an e-mail, telling them how much Moss loves it and i bet they'll send you some tins off in the post to you!.

I e-mailed them telling them i finally found the only food that Rosie would eat which was theirs, and they thanked me for letting them know and sent me 11 tins to give her
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WOW!! I'll try that. Thank you for all your help. I'll catch you soon.. take care!
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It's the Hi-Life "Tuna Imperial", with a light blue band around the top of the tin.

If you can't get it let me know and i'll send you a couple of tins to try, but i buy mine from Morrisons so i would imagine other supermarkets will stock it, along with good pet stores
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I can get it from Pats at home, I'm out that way tomorrow, I'll just get a couple of tins to try. He loves his fish. Beef is another one he tends to favour.
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Let me know what he thinks then, but if you think theres bits of grissle in it's not?, it's squid I was picking them out when i first opened a can until i read the contents.
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