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A week of HELL!!

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So i came home from my brothers and sisters college last tuesday, to find my moma cat ( 2 years old) is no where around and she has 3 kittens. I have no clue how long the mom had really been gone but i know i had to take care of her babies. So i started taking care of them, I had a girl and two boys. The first day the girl kitten died, she just got weak, and wouldn't eat nething, i gave her water, adn KMR milk, but it didn't help. She meowed and i went and picke dher up, and i was sitting with her adn i could fill her last breath. So there went one...then i notice one of the boys getting ill, so i paid specail attention to him, and then later that day, the other boy (Houdini) head got shut in a dorr, on accident. But it didn't kill him??...so back to the other one, so i watched him, fed him cared fro him, koved him, and low and behold he died. Then today Houdini was acting fine, then i grabbed in by the scruff of hhis neck, like a moma cat would and it broke his neck. The only thing i can figure si when my dad shut is head in the door it fratcured his neck. Then when i held him by the scruff, it must have finished it....OH HOW MY HEART ACHES, I wanted to save all of them cuz they were Babygirls last litter of kittens, and all i ended up with was a torn heart!!!

P.s. I even went to the vet several times, adn they did nothing to help me!!
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Oh how sad!

Welcome to TCS.
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oh, SadHeart, you have my sympathies! Kittens are very fragile, and sometimes they don't make it despite all heroic efforts. Just remember that wherever she is, BabyGirl thanks you from the bottom of her heart for all that you did for her children. I hope & pray that your heart heals soon, and that soon you will be able to give another wonderful kitty a home and once again, you will have the comforts & joys of purrs, happy meows & head rubs!! Take Care, Susan
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oh wow sad
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This does sound like it has been a terrible week for you. You have my deepest sympathy. My heart goes out to you. Your babies are healthy and playing together on the other side of the bridge waiting for you. RIP little babies.
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