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anti-social and not eating

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I have two kittens which are each almost a year old. Sophie is very active and mischevious, while my other kitten, Mel, has always been a bit more shy, yet usually still enjoys playing. I recently moved and ever since about a week before the move (when everything started getting packed up) Mel has been extremely anti-social. She spends literally EVERY minute hiding under furniture or burried in a blanket. I try to coax her out and spend time with her in order to make her more comfortable and she allows me to hold her, yet the second I let her go, she darts straight under the couch. I am even more concerned about her eating habits, as I have not seen her eat ANYTHING in the past week. I have even tried switching to wet food which she usually loves and feeding her treats, yet she will not allow anything into her mouth. Is this normal after a move? I am very worried about her. Any suggestions?
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If she truly hasn't eaten anything in a week she needs a vet PRONTO! Is it possible she is eating while you are asleep? Do you leave dry food out? You have rocked her world by moving and because cats are accustomed to routine she is upset and stressed out- stress can lead to illness and cats not eating or drinking anything in a week are prime candidates for feline hepatic lipidosis which is why she needs to see a vet immediately.

This article can help you figure out how to get her to eat

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Thank you so much. This really worries me. I'm going to spend one more day with Mel to see if I can get her to eat something, and if not, I'll definitely get her right to the vet. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat something?
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How about cooking her some fish? My old cats could never resist the smell, let alone the taste!
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Um if your cat has not eaten in the past week I don't think it is a smart idea to wait another minute, let alone a day to get her to the vet. She needs help, it is not good for a cat to go without food...is she drinking? is she dehydrated?
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This could be the result of a hairball, disease...anything. He may have something lodged in his digestive tract. He may be unable to smell his food and therefore, he does not try to eat it. The only one who can tell you is the vet.
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