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Favorite Seinfeld

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I'm watching Seinfeld right now & this is one of my favorites & inspired me to start this.

tonights episode is the one that revolves around Brentanos. George takes the book of french impressionists into the bathroom, Uncle Leo gets caught stealing (I'm an old man, where am I? Can someone take me home) Kramer & Newman decide to start a ricshaw business pulled by homeless people, and Elaine has to have a pretend relationship with a guy she made out with at an office party and is forced to ween him off opium cold turkey.

I this episode! (love the part where Kramer says they should have taken the homeless guys bag of cans as collatoral against him stealing the ricshaw)
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I Seinfeld!!! (and I like it too!)

I thought I had seen every episode, but this one doesnt ring any bells?

I loved the Soup Nazi, The Contest, the one where George fixes himself a nap area under the desk, and so many others...Classics!
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tonight was another good one. They all went to the Hamptons. Georges girlfriend took her top off when George wasn't around. Kramer poached some lobsters, and Jerrys girlfriend walked in on George naked, and the whole shrinkage issue was off.
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Does anyone remember the old scenario of a child saying, "Why is there a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but no Children's Day?" And the parent responds, "Because everyday is Children's Day."

That sums up which Seinfeld is my favorite.
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Happy Festivus everyone!!!!!! :LOL:
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The male nurse...not that there's anything wrong with that!
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One of my favorites is when Jerry is dating this lady and he doesn't no her name. All he knows is that is rhymes with a female body part. So he keeps calling her Mulva. Than she figures out he doesn't know her name, she leaves and than it hits him...

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Seinfeld is just my fav show....I think one of my all time favs which makes me howl with laughter is when Jerry and Elaine go to the movies and Kramer is working there as an usher and that guy that Jerry doesnt like sees them and said that they could join him but they say that they have to sit at the front because Jerry forgot his glasses. It turns out that Kramer gives him some glasses from the lost property and they are seriously think lenses and he cannot see a thing through them and he stumbles around etc......if anyone knows this episode did you think it was funny.

I also really like the soup nazi. and the one where Jerry is taking out that girl who only looks good in one light in one booth in the coffee shop otherwise she looks rather scary. And Man Hands is a hoot.....I just love that show
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