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Am I overreacting?

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Okay - I'm a serious worrier and am horribly over protective when it comes to Kali (my 8ish year old cat). I've only had her for just shy of a year now but she's my constant companion (I work from home) and ... well, I'm sure I don't need to explain or defend how attached I am to her!

My questions are: do cats normally become a less active when the summer sets in? Could she be too warm, thus causing her to be less energetic?

I've noticed, in the past week/week-and-a-half, that she has taken to sleeping or lying about a lot more. She seems to prefer lying on the floor now, rather than in her bed or hogging most of my bed, as were her usual preferences. She plays with me for a bit if I initiate it but I get the feeling that she's humoring me (she's got a bit of an attitude LOL) and would rather I just let her be. Every once in a while she gets her feisty energy spurt and dashes about like a nut (usually when I'm trying to do housework and not paying attention to her).

It has been very warm here lately, so I'm wondering if perhaps that has something to do with it. Last summer she enjoyed napping in the sunny windows for most of the day; now she only sits there for a bit before sprawling out on the floor.

Other than that, she's fine; she drinks and eats normally. Although, I also have had to put her on a diet this past month since she's a few pounds overweight; could that be contributing to her laziness?
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My cat is definitely less active in the summer months and spends more time lying on the floor. (I guess it's cooler down there.)
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talk to your vet ... has she had a senior panel?? some cats do slow a bit in the summer but none of my kittys do... I to am a worrier ...
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I go through this every summer - worrying if there is something wrong. Dushka, the only adult of my current three, starts sleeping more and eating less. But I think it is normal as long as there are no other signs.
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I know my two are a lot lazier in the summer, but what gets me is they lie where the sun streams through making them more lethargic?!

I've started putting a couple of ice cubes in their water after a few suggested it.
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